Receptionist Etiquette Tip: Hesitation Is an Opportunity to Help

Ever been met with a less-than-eager response when offering a call to someone? It happens to our virtual receptionist team from time to time, and it goes a little something like this: Receptionist: Hi Jim! This is Stephanie from Ruby. I have Walt Smith on the line. Would you like the call? Jim: Oh…hmm…umm… It doesn’t […]

Customer (DIS)Service: What’s Lacking and How to Get It Back

CNBC recently aired a special entitled “Customer (DIS)Service: A Maddening Look at the State of Customer Service” where they shined a spotlight on the customer service provided by outsourced call centers, waiters, retailers, recorded menu options, and a host of other industries. Not surprisingly, most of what they found left much to be desired. Man-on-the-street […]

Ruby Mentioned in Carolyn Elefant’s Book Solo by Choice!

Carolyn Elefant’s Solo by Choice: How to Be the Lawyer You Always Wanted to Be is an incredible resource for solo attorneys, and we at Ruby® are extremely grateful to have been mentioned in her new edition! In her chapter on Office Technology, Elefant discusses the plethora of phone options out there as well as the dilemma of […]

Resolve to Make Your Clients Happier this New Year!

2012: A new year, a fresh start for your business! Great customer service can be an incredible boost to your company; happy customers will stay with you longer and word-of-mouth buzz can grow your client base exponentially. But how can you make your customer service wow-worthy? Here at Ruby, Fostering Happiness is one of our […]

How to Graciously Greet an Office Guest When You’re On a Call

At Ruby, customers know they can count on the warm, friendly voices of our virtual receptionist team to graciously greet their callers. Visitors to our offices are treated to an added bonus: friendly faces to match! In Portland, OR, Ruby’s front desk receptionists Mercedes and Sara Lee field our clients’ calls just like their fellow […]