How Google’s Page Experience Update Will Affect Your SEO In 2021

Google is currently putting together the final changes for an algorithm update expected to land in 2021.  The update is being called the page experience update. Google has already provided some information on the update – the update aims to measure and potentially rank the experience that a user encounters when visiting a page. They […]

What are your website visitors’ eyeballs worth?

How much would you pay for someone to look at your website? I’m not talking about having a visitor spend money, sign up for a list, fill out a form, or even click a button.  I’m talking about the value of someone’s eyes on your website. Jeepers creepers, what are those peepers worth to you? […]

Avoid Healthcare Burnout with Communication Technology

COVID-19 has stretched everyone in healthcare in ways they’ve never experienced before. They’ve had huge patient loads. They’ve had to be creative about PPE. Some have had reduced hours or lost work altogether, as patients postponed elective treatments. These changes have raised the question, “Why is communication important in healthcare?”  Plus, many parts of the […]

Keyword Research Guide For Small Businesses

Keyword research can sound like a daunting task for a small business. But, the good news is, you don’t have to be a marketing professional or a tech whizz to try your hand at keyword research to reap the benefits of using strategic keywords to direct more traffic to your website. Understanding and targeting keywords […]

Why Patient Communication Is More Important Than Ever With The COVID-19 Vaccine

The long-awaited COVID-19 vaccine has been released, with emergency approval from the FDA. Healthcare workers and those over age 75 are already getting the first dose of the two-dose vaccine. NBC News has reported that many doctors are bracing for patients clamoring to get vaccinated as soon as possible. Other doctors are getting ready to […]

Annual Clio Report: In Summary

For many of us, our focus has been on getting through the day-to-day versus reflecting on the past year or planning more than a week into the future. There’s a lot to gain from hindsight, but tricky to find the time to discover lessons learned. Thankfully, our friends over at Clio did the legwork for […]

The Ultimate Live Chat Cheat Sheet

With just a few tips and tricks you can turn up your live chat efforts and turn the trickle of conversations into a flood. And once those conversations start, there are simple ways to maximize lead conversion. We’ve talked to thousands of small business owners and entrepreneurs who use live chat and gotten to the […]

How to Ensure Going Remote Doesn’t Disrupt Your 5-Star Customer Support

We all understand the value of delivering superb customer support. It encourages our existing customers to spend more money with us, return to us in future, and share their positive experiences with friends and family. But a lot of customer support operations are based around everyone being in one place. The perception is that having […]

How to Get More Live Chat Conversations

We love chatting. It’s what we do all day – in person, with customers, with prospects and on Slack. For our small business customers, we are constantly working to help them have more live chat conversations with their website visitors and customers. It’s hard to say specifically what will work best for each business, but […]