3 Ways to Never Miss a Sales Opportunity

Photo by Victor1558
Photo by Victor1558

If you’re a small business owner, you know not every potential customer is a great fit for your company. But missing sales opportunities from ideal prospects can affect your bottom line. In addition to your amazing sales pitch, here are three simple ways to make a stellar impression and ensure a potential account doesn’t fall through the cracks:

Use FYI Messages.

What is an FYI message? Well, it’s a message that your receptionist automatically sends you when a caller declines to leave a message. Say you’ve been playing phone tag with a potential customer named Mark Richards. Mark calls while you’re in a meeting, but declines to leave a message. Your savvy receptionist shoots you an email anyway: “Mark Richards called at 1:35. He declined to leave a message. Just an FYI.” Guess what? Now you can contact him before he calls another firm, and impress the heck out of him in the process. Encourage your phone answering team to send FYI messages, and you’ll always be in-the-know about your callers.

Catch Caller ID.

When you’re transferred a call, make a habit of checking out the caller ID, and jotting it down if you don’t recognize it. If a prospect’s cell phone flakes out, you can use that caller ID to ring ‘em back. Try searching for a prospect’s area code and using the results as a conversation-starter and connection-maker: “I see you’re calling from a 415 area code. Are you in San Francisco? I love that city!” Maybe a prospect’s company name shows up on caller ID — another great opportunity to get to know a potential customer! The more you know about a potential customer the better, and you can learn a lot from a quick glance at caller ID.

Make Fantastic Follow-Ups.

If you snag a prospect’s email address, send a follow-up email thanking them for their time and recapping your conversation. Email templates are a big help here, as you’re likely to cover the same topics over and over when chatting with potential customers. Make email follow-ups a breeze by creating a basic template or two that you can quickly customize and send after a sales call. If you know a prospect’s mailing address, go for some extra WOW and send a hand-written notecard to show your appreciation. Follow-ups are a great opportunity impress and inform potential customers. Is there some helpful information you didn’t get a chance to discuss? Include it in your follow-up!

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