3 Ways to Offer Help in Your Telephone Greeting

First impressions when answering the phone
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The virtual receptionist crew at Ruby® shared some tips for creating a standout company greeting in a previous post, and today, we’ve got a few more thoughts on this popular topic. Our telephone answering pros recommend ending a greeting with a friendly question that offers assistance. If you’re crafting a greeting and looking for the best way to show callers you’re ready to help, here are some welcoming words to consider:

  • How may I help you? This standby is a wonderful way to invite questions and comments from callers. If your phone answering team loves fielding questions and chatting with callers, consider wrapping up your greeting with these friendly words. Just because it’s a common part of many greeting doesn’t mean it’s ineffective — asking “How may I help you?”  lets callers know you’re on their side and ready to lend a hand, and that’s great news for them!
  • How may I direct your call? This question allows your phone answering team to speedily route calls where they need to go. If you’re a Ruby client hoping to reduce your receptionists minutes, this offer of assistance may help, because it politely prompts callers to give our live virtual receptionists the info they need to direct each call quickly. Looking for tech support? Have a question about your bill? Calling to chat with a salesperson? Callers need only say the word, and the Ruby crew will get each one to the right place.
  • A custom question, like How can I make you smile today? Customizing every element of your greeting can be a great way to make your company stand out among competitors. Your greeting may be a potential client’s initial impression of your company, so why not use the first words of each phone call to make that impression a lasting one? If you feel like being quirky, funny, or extra-engaging with callers, a custom question might be the ticket.

Can you think of any company greetings that stand out to you? What do you think makes a greeting great? We love comments — share your thoughts by posting one!

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