5 Opportunities to Send a Handwritten Notecard

Virtual receptionist Mercedes drops a notecard in the mail!
Mercedes drops a notecard in the mail!

Ruby®‘s team of friendly virtual receptionists knows that a hand-written notecard can brighten the dreariest of days. As our own Problem Solver & Happiness Maker Kendra Neal, wrote in her post on How to Keep It Personal in a Virtual (Receptionist) World:

I can type at least 100 words per minute, but I can write about ten. A notecard says, ‘I sat down and thought about you in a meaningful way.‘”

In a busy day of phone answering and email checking, here are 5 reasons you may want to create a connection by sending a notecard:

  • When someone’s not feeling well. Tried and true, everyone appreciates a “Get Well” card when they’ve been ill. It might’ve been just a cold, in which case snail mail may drop off your well wishes after they’re better, but a surprise note letting them know you were thinking about them is always a happiness booster.
  • Congratulations! Births, weddings, and children’s graduations are always cause for celebration! Likewise, many small businesses use our virtual receptionist service, and when we hear that one of our clients has just won a big case or completed a special project, we like to applaud their hard work with a handwritten note.
  • Birthdays, of course! If you’re sending a birthday card to a client or coworker, and you know a lot of people would like to join in, try having everyone sign the same card; it’ll help organize the process, and the birthday boy or girl will get a nice ego boost!
  • When you’ve had a particularly good interaction. A follow-up notecard could be just what the doctor ordered to wow your colleague. How neat would it be to receive a card in the mail, amongst your bills, statements, and solicitation letters, that simply reads, “Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed speaking with you the other day!”?
  • Just because! Not every card has to be for a momentous occasion; if you notice that you haven’t heard from someone in a while, try sending them a card just to say hello!

See 10 more opportunities to send a handwritten notecard!

What’s your favorite way to create community with your colleagues and clients? Share your tips @callruby on Twitter!

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