5 Reasons Ruby’s Virtual Receptionist Service is the Perfect Fit for Technology Companies

Virtual Receptionists for Tech Companies
Thankfully, our receptionists send messages in plain old English, not binary

Ruby® gets technology. Our virtual receptionist service uses advanced, customized software coupled with old-fashioned smarts and friendliness. Our cheerful virtual receptionists answer phones for many companies in the technology field, from software developers to IT consultants to computer repair technicians. There are many reasons technology companies have found a home with Ruby; here are five ways we can help your business:

  • Appear bigger and more professional. Whether you’re solo or have a dozen employees, having a live, friendly person answer your phones can be a boon to your company. Our virtual receptionists are all bright, articulate “people” people who will impress your potential clients and keep current clients happy.
  • Connect remote employees. Many technology companies contract employees who work from home — or are even spread across the nation. No need for everyone to give out their personal cell phone numbers; a virtual receptionist service like Ruby can provide a central number and a unifying image.
  • Look good even when you’re not available. Are you out in the field frequently? Or are you often working on projects that require a high level of concentration? By updating us as to your whereabouts on your mobile phone or by email, our virtual receptionists can track you down on your cell or take a message so that you can get some peace and quiet. Feel free to take a Java break without having to worry about the phone!
  • Have messages relayed in a flash. No more dialing into your voicemail box and wading through old messages. No more coming into the office to pick up your written messages. Virtual receptionist services have come a long way from when you had to call into your answering service for your messages. With Ruby, your messages will be delivered by email and/or text message, and your voicemails can even be sent via a .wav file!
  • Track your usage in real-time. With our mobile-friendly Member Services Area, you can monitor your usage at a glance — not to mention search through old messages, view Caller ID information, export your call reports to Excel, and save contacts straight to your phone or email client.

Perhaps the greatest advantage of Ruby is having your phones answered by a live, friendly person who sounds like she’s in your office, at a fraction of the cost of an in-house receptionist. As Brian O’Neill, owner of Link Systems, told us:

“I get consistent compliments about how ‘nice and pleasant’ our receptionist is on the phone. The vast majority of callers have no idea the Ruby staff isn’t sitting in our front office. Other business associates are amazed at how well your staff does their job of not sounding like an ‘answering service.'”

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