8 telephone touchpoints for exceptional caller experiences.

Telephone touchpoints

What is your caller journey like? Does your phone experience create the best impression of your business? Make the most of these 8 telephone touchpoints to delight first-time callers and returning customers alike!

1. Your telephone number. Is it easy to find? Easy to click? Be sure your number appears on every page of your website, and aim to make it clickable so mobile users can reach you with a quick tap. 

2. What happens before you pick up the phone. Answering within the first few rings is ideal. If calls ring too long, customers could feel uneasy—or worse, they might hang up.

3. Who answers. Do your customers reach an impersonal voicemail box, a confusing automated system, or a live voice? A cheerful, live person ready to help will make a fantastic impression on your callers.

4. Your greeting. These are the first words many of your customers will hear from your company. Make them count! Adding these three elements will make your greeting stand out.

5. Your tone. When in doubt, smile! Callers can hear it in your voice, and it’s a surefire way to ensure a warm, welcoming tone.

6. Your pace. Start out slow and clear, especially with your greeting—don’t mumble your way through that first impression! From there, follow your caller’s lead. Fast talkers are likely in a hurry, and seeking speedy customer service. If your caller’s pace is slower, keep your speaking pace slow as well. Either way, listening is key. Focus fully on your caller’s words, rather than half-listening and planning for your next step. You can’t give ’em what they want unless you know what that is!

7. Your word choice. Friendliness and professionalism are key here. You don’t have to be stuffy, but aim to avoid slang, and fillers such as “um” and “like.” Proper grammar sounds good on everyone, and so does politeness. Be liberal with “thank you,” and when you’re thanked, follow with a heartfelt “you’re welcome!” Using a caller’s name is also a great way to show you’re listening. If you know a caller’s name, try using it once or twice. Not sure when to name drop? Try adding your caller’s name onto a  your next “thank you.”

Thank you, Karen! 

8. Your enunciation. Pronounce words fully to ensure your callers understand you. Aim to replace mushed words with their fully-enunciated alternatives.

Skip gonna, kinda, coulda, shoulda, wanna

Stick with going to, kind of, could have, should havewant to, etc.

Bonus: quality pronunciation helps you sound professional.

But wait—there’s more! Check out 8 more telephone touchpoints for delighted callers!

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