Answering the Phone: 3 Ways to Make Any Caller Happy

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Virtual receptionist Brooke R.

If you’ve heard them, you already know that our remote receptionists are cheer experts. How do the Rubys do it?  Well, our live virtual receptionists have a simple goal: to make a positive impact on every caller’s day. A less-than-happy caller is just an opportunity to go the extra mile and prove that we’re more than an answering service! Turning every call into a positive experience is easier than you might think. Here are three simple ways to make every call an upbeat one:

  1. Focus on the positive. You may not be able to do exactly what the caller wants, but you can always help in some way. When asked a tricky question, frame your response around what you’re able to do. Rather than saying “I can’t do that,” try beginning your response with a positive comment, such as “As the receptionist, I can…” or “I’d be happy to…” There are tons of things you can’t do (fly? read minds? name all the state capitals in 10 seconds?).  What matters is your willingness to help in whatever way you can.
  2. Don’t boss. Always ask for information from your caller — never demand it. If your caller’s not in a good mood to begin with, they definitely won’t appreciate being told what to do. When gathering a caller’s name, for example, use a polite question like “May I have your name?” Avoid statements like “I need your name.”
  3. Be polite! Not sure how to come across as gracious? Stick with the old standbys your parents taught you: please and thank you.  Use these magic words, and use ’em liberally — they work, and they’re increasingly rare these days.  Any time a caller answers your question, reply with a “thank you.” When asking a question of your caller, try peppering it with a “please.” And don’t forget the cherry on top! When a caller says “thank you,” always respond with “you’re welcome!”

How do you wow your callers? Share the wow wealth and let us know @callruby on Twitter!

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