A Customer Success Manager's approach to working remotely.

As a Customer Success Manager at Ruby, I’m lucky to have the unique opportunity to speak to hundreds of you, our dedicated business owners and operators, every single week. Each conversation allows me to peer into your day to-day-processes, to deep dive into your dreams for your company, and to collaborate with you on just how to get there. Without a doubt, that’s my favorite part of the gig. I really love learning about my customers. If there is one commonality I’ve found in every interaction I’ve had recently, it’s that no one expected to be working remotely for an extended period of time this year. Including me!

Now that this is our current reality, I’m realizing that I really hit the jackpot at Ruby (like I haven’t realized that before, ha!). Not only did our leadership and IT teams quickly and efficiently move our entire workforce to their remote stations in just 11 days, but I am equipped with a suite of features within our own technology that allows me to stay flexible and adapt as I navigate this new work-from-home world we all find ourselves in. Want to hear the coolest part? You have all these features in the palm of your hand too.

Ruby Mobile App

I use our mobile app just as fervently as many of you do! There are a ton of game-changing features, but I want to focus on the four that have become crucial tools for my WFH success.

Choose Your Caller ID: I may love my customers, but not enough to hand out my personal cell number. Enter Ruby’s Choose Your Caller ID feature! I can make calls or send texts from my Ruby-hosted number to keep personal information private. The best part is, when folks return my call to the number I’ve used, they’ll reach a live, friendly receptionist saying, “Thank you for calling Ruby. You’ve reached the office of Glynn Dickens.”—keeping my professional appearance alive, because I am definitely not sitting at my kitchen table in my slippers right now.

Call Forwarding: Working remotely may have freed up time that was previously spent on other tasks (So long, commute!) or there may be communication that is best delivered by a familiar voice to your clientele. Fielding your incoming calls on an as-needed basis is a good way to keep a finger on the pulse of your customer base, while maintaining your sharp service skills. You can easily forward and un-forward your Ruby-hosted business number with the tap of a finger! Specifically, our delayed call forwarding feature allows Ruby to answer whenever you can’t, so long as your phone is on and you do not manually decline the call. Set calls to ring to a number of your choice, then roll over to Ruby—so you always have the option of answering first.

Status Updates: The best thing I’ve done, for my sanity, is update my Status each time I take a break. It can be difficult to separate work and home since they’re one and the same right now, so giving yourself time away from the hustle, at least mentally, is important! Whether I’m eating lunch or taking a walk around the block, I set my temporary call-handling preferences to “not taking calls” for the 15 minutes or half-hour I’m away, so I can refresh and recharge. Of course, I also change my Status for virtual team meetings and other projects so receptionists know when and where I want to take calls, who I would like to receive calls from, and for what timeframe. It’s like tapping a receptionist on the shoulder and saying, “Not right now, Ruby!”

Call Activity & Message Details: The only “child” in my house is my four-year-old Tortoiseshell cat, but I imagine that a ton of our customers are juggling work and childcare right now. Hats off to you! When you need to step away or tend to other matters, you have a call and message log right there with you so you’re always in the loop. Tap on any call/message record to get the full scoop on who called and why. (Pro tip: You can even choose “Call” from the record and use Choose Your Caller ID to connect with them without ever going back to your desk.)

I am a Customer Success Manager. I didn’t stumble into this field by accident, I chose it because I see something in all of you—something I admire. I am humbled by business owners’ passionate determination and I fundamentally believe in your ability to triumph over adversity. I truly want you to succeed! I know Ruby can help you do just that.

Be well and stay safe, everyone!

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