Arizona, here we come!

We have exciting news to share—Ruby is expanding and hiring in Arizona to better serve the small business community! Our new remote team augments our existing brick-and-mortar presence in Portland, Oregon, and Kansas City, Missouri.

At Ruby, we currently support more than 13,000 businesses. On a typical day, each receptionist answers more than 250 calls. By hiring more bilingual receptionists and others for customer-facing roles, we better meet the needs of small businesses and Latinx consumers nationwide. A fully remote team also provides increased reliability since service is less likely to be affected by local weather patterns.

How our growth benefits small businesses.

Ruby decided to expand into Arizona upon acquiring Pure Chat, a Scottsdale Arizona-based company providing state-of-the-art live chat software backed with proprietary AI-powered technology.

“With the acquisition of Pure Chat and the current employees based there, Ruby has already built a technology and marketing hub in Arizona,” said Ruby CEO Kate Winkler. “This, combined with a growing talent pool from universities and transplants attracted to the quality of living in Arizona, makes the state an ideal location to grow our employee base for all positions.”

Arizona is also uniquely positioned to provide a young, tech-savvy workforce with a larger population fluent in Spanish and English.

“We actually opened up and looked at the dynamics around the Phoenix and the Scottsdale area and just said, wow, this is a perfect population,” Kate told the Phoenix Business Journal. “It was such an easy choice for us because it just really checked all the boxes.”

The Arizona expansion will feature an entirely remote workforce perfectly adapted to the ever-changing needs of today’s small business.

We are hiring top local talent!

We’re absolutely thrilled to be bringing more than 50+ jobs to Arizona! These positions include virtual receptionists and chat specialists and several sales, marketing, product, and engineering openings. Best of all, these opportunities allow ideal work-life balance since they are fully remote positions doing rewarding work.

“I’m thankful to have the opportunity to grow from my role delivering Ruby’s amazing service to now helping more small businesses gain time back in their day,” said Lex Foster, a former receptionist who is now a sales account executive. “I’ve gained so much confidence and experience due to the support from my colleagues and supervisors throughout the various roles I’ve had and am excited to continue growing my career at Ruby.”

A little more about working at Ruby:​

  • Competitive wage starting at $15.75 per hour, with compensation packages including 401k matching and recognition incentives.

  • Access to health benefits, including the coverage of 75% of the premiums for employees and 50% for dependents. Our coverage includes medical, dental, vision, prescription, and alternative care.

  • Flexible scheduling options allow for the ultimate work-life balance.

  • Opportunities for career development.

  • Award-winning training to empower our Rubys to excel.

  • A chance to be part of a company culture nationally recognized by Fortune Magazine as a “Best Small Company to Work For in the U.S.”

  • Access to special perks like the “Swell Fund” to cover up to $200 a year to purchase items that enhance employee wellbeing.

In other words, our Rubys deliver world-class service because they work in an environment where they thrive.

How our training and development results in excellent service

Like other companies, Ruby adapted to the COVID-19 pandemic. We transitioned to a fully remote model within 11 days in March 2020. Due to this success, we are moving to a hybrid model in our Oregon and Missouri offices and embracing a fully remote team in Arizona.

To prepare our team, we adapted our comprehensive in-house training to a modular, self-paced online program. We use an effective combination of self-study supplemented with live check-in sessions and interaction with our experienced training team. 

We broke our traditional, lecture-style training into bite-sized five-minute modular content chunks. A few days later, trainees receive follow-up questions reinforcing previous lessons. We won a 2020 Silver Stevie Award for “Customer Service Training Team of the Year” due to this approach. Our trainees love it due to the convenience and the way this method suits various learning styles.

To join the Ruby team, visit our Careers page to see our current openings!