How To Be A Great Receptionist In 4 Easy Steps

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The holidays are here, and that means a lot of things: family gatherings, delicious food, and vacation time, to name a few. If those vacation requests have left your office without a steadfast receptionist, don’t fret. The virtual receptionist team at Ruby® is ready to share our tips for being an excellent receptionist, regardless of your prior experience. Here are three must-haves for a stellar receptionist:

1. A Helpful Greeting.

“Hello” is nice, but on its own, it falls flat. Try treating your callers to an informative, friendly greeting instead. Our ry treating your callers to an informative, friendly greeting instead. Our

Try treating your callers to an informative, friendly greeting instead. Our ry treating your callers to an informative, friendly greeting instead. Our live virtual receptionists recommend starting with something nice like, “Thank you for calling,” and ending with an offer of assistance like, “How may I help you?” Be sure to slip your company name in there, too.

2. Courteousness.

You may be unsure of yourself from time to time, but if you’re nice, no one will notice. When you need to collect information from your callers, the it’s best to politely ask for it rather than demanding it. The Ruby team suggests these friendly queries: “May I say who is calling?” and, “May I have your name?” We’ve found that a “May I?” is a great way to start any question. Throw “please” and “thank you” in there as much as possible. Everyone loves to be treated with respect, and the happier your callers are, the happier you’ll be.

3. A good response.

Here’s a little secret every great receptionist knows: it’s not about having the answer to every question, it’s about knowing what to say when you don’t know. “Let me find out for you” and “Let me connect you with the best person to help you” are superb responses. “I don’t know” is not.

4. A plan B.

When you’re not able to reach the person your caller is seeking, you can stay in control of a call by offering the next logical step to your caller. In this case, that means offering to take a message or transfer your caller to voicemail. It’s just this easy: “Tim’s in a meeting at the moment. May I take a message or transfer you to his voicemail?”

Fielding phone calls isn’t always easy, but with a bit of savvy, it can be fun and rewarding. We hope all of our fellow phone answering pros have a fantastic holiday season! And if you need a bit of help, just call on the Ruby team!

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