Integrating your RingCentral service with Ruby.

As a RingCentral customer, you already enjoy the benefits of a cloud-based phone system. Did you know adding a virtual receptionist, like Ruby, can set you apart from the competition and take your business to the next level?

67% of customers reported hanging up in frustration when they could not reach a real person. By adding Ruby to your RingCentral service, you ensure each call is answered live by a friendly and professional receptionist. Ruby serves as your customer experience team, making callers feel special and giving them the extra incentive to send you their business, instead of to a competitor.

Ruby Receptionists and Ring Central
  • We greet each caller warmly with a greeting customized for your business.
  • We screen, announce and transfer callers based on your instructions.
  • Our receptionists answer basic questions about your business, so you can focus on addressing their specific needs.
  • We handle lost or confused callers with care, directing them to the appropriate contact.

3 Ways Ruby Connects:

  1. Transfer: Receive your calls on any phone, anywhere. Our app lets you update your status on the fly!
  2. Voicemail: All voicemails handled through Ruby will also be sent to you via email as a .wav file, so you’re in the know, no matter where you go.
  3. Take a Message: We send the details via email, text message, or both!

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