From 2005 (or 1962?) to 2019. We’ve come a long way together!

In 2005, Jill Nelson, Ruby Founder, huddled around a table with a creative agency and laid out a vision to transform Worksource, Inc. into the company and brand you now know (affectionately!) as Ruby Receptionists.

Inspired by the retro feel of the 1962-set movie “Down With Love,” Jill wanted to develop a brand that not only was vibrant, and fun to look at, but also conjured up an era when customer service was king. A time when every business call was answered by a friendly receptionist providing a personalized human touch, ready to make someone’s day.

So we set about the task of developing a brand and visual identity that communicated Jill’s vision of perpetuating meaningful, human connections in an increasingly technology-focused world. A brand that was friendly, vibrant, and approachable. And thus, Ruby Receptionists (and the visual representation of “Ruby”) was born!

Over the years, we know many of you have come to love “Ruby’s” smiling face. You’ve seen the representation of Ruby on our website, emails, and the handwritten thank you cards and notes our receptionists personally send out to customers “from the desk of Ruby.” You’ve seen her jetsetting, barbequing, eating turkey, and drinking cocoa. Ah, to live like Ruby!

Ruby, or at least the illustration of her, has probably become a familiar presence in your inbox and life by now! But “the Ruby girl” is just a hand-drawn representation of the hundreds of dedicated, caring receptionists and chat specialists that work tirelessly every day to make each interaction better for you and for your clients.

Since our humble beginnings, we’ve stayed true to our mission, vision, and core values. In that time our brand identity has stayed the same, but the world around us has changed. We came to the realization that our existing brand doesn’t reflect the fact that we are a people-powered business that cares about your clients just as much as you do. That we are a team of more than 600 real, live receptionists and chat specialists focused on crafting each and every customer experience to build great relationships on your behalf that win business and build loyalty. People are what’s behind our success, and we knew that it was time to bring them forward in a new way to represent our company.

We set about refreshing the brand through the lens of showcasing human connections, replacing the illustrations with photos that represent how real Rubys, real customers, and real people truly interact. We wanted to keep the same friendly spirit, with a more modern feel that better reflects our current business. We saw this as an opportunity to incorporate the most important thing that we’ve learned from our customers over the years—that each moment, each connection matters to them and their business. And that’s why the personalized interactions that Ruby has with their clients are so meaningful to their business.

We chose the tagline “All business is personal.” to reflect our commitment to treating our customers and the people on the other end of each call or chat with care, and to learn from each interaction to improve our level of service and deliver a great customer experience. We know how hard our small business customers work, how hard it is to be the “Chief Everything Officer”. And we know how personal delivering a great service, growing a business and being the best at what they do is vital to the small business owner.

We dropped the “receptionists” from our name to be more inclusive of our chat services and any future services as we continue to grow and help our customers do the same! We selected a color palette that is still friendly and vibrant, but more considered, thoughtful and inclusive, just like our services, which we work diligently to perfect year after year to ensure we’re always representing our customers’ businesses just as they would—with the highest degree of professionalism and care. We brought in shapes representing live interactions between people, as well as the “WOW-worthy” moments we strive to create for our customers and their clients.

And we added a few unexpected items because, well, they’re just fun. And Ruby is all about inspiring moments of happiness and joy. As you browse our new website, keep an eye out for the fun smiley faces made from the same shapes as you see elsewhere on our site, and for the chat bubble shaped heart, which signifies our commitment to doing a hundred little things to make each interaction better for you and your clients, and doing it with heart, every time.

For more on the decision-making process behind the rebrand, watch this video with Ruby CMO Molly Moore.

We’re excited to share our new brand with you. We aren’t changing who we are or what we do with this rebrand—you can still expect the same great service you’ve come to know and love. We can’t wait to hear how you feel about it, and to celebrate the value real human connections bring to your business.