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Ruby’s team of live virtual receptionists answers your phone so you don’t have to. And, for a limited time, NPR listeners can impress their callers and save $50 on their first three months of Ruby service with promo code NPR!

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Your next, best long-term customer is about to call.

Impressive first impressions. 

Boot the bot. Ruby’s live, friendly receptionists and chat specialists capture contact information, answer questions, and connect you with your next best customer. 

Raising the bar is standard. 

Give your callers the five-star customer service experience they expect with custom greetings, tailored-to-fit call handling, and 24/7 accessibility via live chat. 

Relationships mean loyalty.

Create connections and turn your potential customers into raving fans of your business—with moments they’ll remember from the very first “hello!”

Success Stories

“As a large doggie daycare we are constantly on the go. Thanks to Ruby and their extended hours, we have a live human answering our phones and we regularly have clients ask ‘Who is the new employee I spoke to on the phone?’ Thanks Ruby – we give it two paws up!!”

Amy Parsons
Canine Creature Comforts

“Our business’s best months have been Ruby removes at least 2 or 3 interruptions in my day – that, by itself, is worth what I pay for Ruby. “

Dean Alterman
Alterman Law Group

“You can hear the Ruby smile through the phone. Knowing my callers experience this when they call my office is a competitive advantage.”

Christopher Babler
Goldendale Capital

“You just can’t beat the personal touch Ruby offers and the world demands! Their service pays for itself many, many times over.”

Bobby Hutchinson
Appraisal Associates

“As a small business owner, having Ruby answer my calls live has been the best thing for my business. They provide excellent service, the app works really well, and their communication is spot on. They are dedicated to your clients having the best experience possible.”

John Chang
Patinelli and Chang

“Ruby brings extraordinary value and efficiency to our practice. Ruby works 13 hours a day during the week, never gets sick, never takes a day off, and never complains, for a price you just have to see to believe.”

Bob Pedrick
Chartered Advisory Group

“With Ruby, every caller talks to a real human being. As simple as that sounds, it makes all the difference in the world when your standards are to deliver a great experience for all of your customers. Life is better with Ruby.”

Jimmy Mackin

More than a friendly “hello.”

Our bilingual virtual receptionists are there to transfer calls, take messages, and screen solicitors, empowering you to focus on all the decisions only you can make. 

Virtual Receptionists

We’ll make you sound great.

Ruby HQ is located in the USA, in offices across the country. Say hello to the award-winning, rapidly-growing, puppy-loving team on the other end of the line.

You’re in control.

You choose when we answer. Our customizable receptionist service can work as an extension of your team from full-time call answering to backup and fill-in support.

Discover why it matters.

Get the ROI of personal connections guide to see the real, bottom-line impact of excellent customer service.


Use promo code NPR to receive $50 off your first three months!

Live virtual receptionists & 24/7 live chat.

Money-Back Guarantee

We’re so sure you’ll love our services, we offer a no-questions-asked 21-day money back guarantee. Let’s turn that “ring, ring” into “cha-ching.”

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  • 100 Receptionist Minutes
  • $309 Monthly
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  • 200 Receptionist Minutes
  • $589 Monthly
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  • 500 Receptionist Minutes
  • $1369 Monthly
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14-Day Free Trial

Looking to try it before you buy it? Take Ruby for a test run with our free 14-day trial—no strings or stickers attached.

Chat Ruby 20

  • Up to 20 Chats
  • $249 Monthly
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  • Up to 30 Chats
  • $349 Monthly
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Chat Ruby 50

  • Up to 50 Chats
  • $549 Monthly
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