Workshop: Connection perfection

How to delight customers 24/7

Customer expectations are evolving. In today’s on-demand economy, customers want quick answers, personalized service, and to be able to connect in the way they prefer. Right now, someone is looking for your service or product, and if they don’t see an easy way to connect, they’ll move on.

“I’m already stretched too thin,” you say. “How am I supposed to handle the work I already have while staying connected to my customers?”

Never fear, Ruby is here! In this workshop, we’ll share how Ruby uses our proprietary software to personalize interactions, ensure calls get to the right person, while also keeping you in the loop.

Two-column image: smiling woman in glasses on the left, receptionist on the right

In this workshop, we'll cover:

Options for call handling and routing

Best practices for custom greetings

How we collect and deliver voicemails/messages

Our secret to pronunciations