Create a spectacular conference room: 3 easy-to-implement ideas.

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Whether you’ve been planning a big presentatation for a new client for months, or the regional manager just requested a powwow,  you can be ready for a smooth-running (and wow-inducing) meeting by stocking your conference room with these essentials:

Basic basics. Keep plenty of pens and notepads in plain sight, so meeting attendees can easily snag them as needed. An easel or white board can be a great meeting prop, too — if you use either, be sure to keep plenty of markers on hand, so your team doesn’t run out of ink during a brilliant brainstorm. When you’re expecting a guest presenter, touch base before the meeting to see if there are any additional tools you can provide.

Notepads and Wi-Fi sign

Tech basics. If there’s a projector in your conference room, keep PC and Mac-friendly adapters on hand, so you’re ready to accommodate any guest’s needs (and make an excellent impression!). Displaying your public wireless connection name and password is a thoughtful courtesy for guests as well. Try printing your wi-fi info and placing it in a small frame like we do — it’s easy to access, and looks great!

Comfort basics. No meeting would be complete without a fresh cup of coffee! Keep a carafe in the conference room, along with cups, glasses, and a pitcher of water. Having a few light snacks on hand for impromptu meetings is also a great idea. Dried fruit, mixed nuts, a container of pretzels, or other shelf-stable treats are an easy way to go — tuck them in a cupboard, and bring them out as needed. If you have a big meeting planned, try upping your game with some fresh pastries, fruit, or other more substantial treats.

Having a well-stocked conference room means you’ll never have to worry about last-minute scrambling. Even unplanned meetings will surely impress!

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