Creating Business Legends: Ruby Core Values in Action!

Ruby's Core Values help keep our live virtual receptionist company tip-top!
Ruby Receptionists’ Core Values

We’ve blogged previously about how much our Core Values mean to us. They are at the center of everything we do. Or more accurately, they are at the base of everything we do. You see, we’re strong believers in the Rockefeller Habits by Verne Harnish, aka “The Growth Guy,” (and a loyal client to boot!). In this insightful book, Verne sets up a framework for how to organize your business, and he places Core Values at the base, a reference point for every action your company takes. And how do you keep your Core Values top of mind for every employee? One way is by storytelling. Telling stories creates “Legends” and illustrates the different ways that your Core Values can be carried out throughout your daily routine.

For example, once a quarter, Ruby® Receptionists holds a staff meeting where our virtual receptionists get to learn about how things are going with the company while socializing and chowing down on some delicious HotLips pizza. It’s also an opportunity to take a moment to recognize those who have really taken the Ruby Core Values to heart and put them into practice in the day-to-day – our “Legends,” if you will. Throughout the quarter, Rubys can nominate coworkers for “outstanding achievement” in one of our Core Values: “Practice WOWism,” “Create Community,” “Foster Happiness,” or “Innovation.” Then, we select 4 stories (one for each value) to share with everyone at the company and celebrate the special people who make us who we are! Here are the standout stories from our last meeting:

Practice WOWism

Virtual receptionist Kris R. noticed that the desk where new hires sit during training was looking a little plain Jane. She took it upon herself to donate a few knickknacks, including an awesome robot, turning a drab seat into a welcoming space that WOWs each new employee!

Create Community

It’s no secret that virtual receptionist Lauren O. loves animals. But she went above and beyond by organizing a group visit to the Oregon Humane Society. She saw a need in our community and coordinated a day to volunteer helping homeless animals. She even took time out of her weekend to lead 7 Rubys in reaching out to animals in need!

Foster Happiness

One day, virtual receptionist Sara-Lee B. was strolling through the grocery store down the street from Ruby on her break, when an ice cream craving hit. Instead of picking out a little something for herself, she bought enough for the whole office! Her random act of happiness brightened everyone’s day!


This one is truly inspiring. Virtual receptionist Monica P. noticed that there were a couple very important holidays that we may be overlooking – Mother’s Day and Father’s Day! With a little help from Ruby Client Services, she collected a list of clients that we knew to be parents, and she handwrote the cards herself! She saw something that would warm our clients’ hearts, and she saw it through personally – a truly great Ruby moment that we won’t soon forget!

Do you have any legendary examples of your own “Core Values in Action” that you’d like to share? Keep the warm and fuzzies coming with a comment below!

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