Customer relationship building 101.

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Building relationships doesn’t have to be expensive. It doesn’t have to be big gestures and pricey gifts.

The best relationships—in life and business—are built on trust. By consistently impressing your customers with your friendly employees, reliable service or product, and quality experiences, you’ll be well on your way to building relationships that really matter.

Here are our three top tips for customer relationship building without adding to your budget:

Do What You Say You’ll Do

The first step to building long-lasting customer relationships is proving that you’ll fulfill your promises.

Part of the Ruby Service Pyramid, “Do What You Say You’ll Do” means committing to timing, quality, and accuracy. This is your opportunity to make commitments you can keep, and blow their expectations out of the water.

5 Steps to Do What You Say You’ll Do:

  1. Determine what you’re capable of
  2. Structure your company in such a way that you are capable of consistently meeting those standards
  3. Understand your limitations
  4. Communicate your capabilities and limitations to customers clearly
  5. WOW ’em

The breakdown looks different for every company, so it’s important to really take your time to examine what you can do, and what your customers expect from you.

In summary, customers want to know when it will be provided, how valuable the product or service is, and how close what you promise them matches what they receive.

Train Your Employees

Developing memorable relationships with your customers requires creating consistent experiences—and that requires consistent training.

The more your company grows, the harder it is to maintain tight controls on quality. That’s why training is so important. By training your customer-facing teams to be honest, personable, and genuine with customers—and teaching them how to take effective notes—you’re setting your company up for success.

And don’t forget ongoing training and innovation! As your product or service develops, aim to develop your team along with it. The more effective your internal systems, the better equipped your team will be to build memorable relationships with your customers.

Imagine a situation where you called a company about a problem with their product or service. When you got that customer service rep on the phone, they didn’t seem to understand your question. They didn’t seem to understand their product.

How would you feel about your experience?

Now imagine calling a company about that same problem. You’re met with a friendly voice on the other end of the line who comes across and sympathetic and caring. They understand your problem and seem to genuinely care.

Now how would you feel?

The product or service you provide should impress your customers, but they’ll remember their interactions with your team. Training helps you make them good ones.

Personalize Each Customer Experience

Personalization is when customer relationship management system really comes in handy. People love personalized experiences because they love feeling remembered. In this increasingly virtual world, meaningful connections are more, well, meaningful than ever before.

Some top personalization strategies:

  • Use your customer’s name
  • Remember their birthdays
  • Celebrate their successes
  • Most importantly, be sincere

Make it memorable, make it personal.


At Ruby, we use a lot of tools to show our customers how much we appreciate them. Here are some bonus resources that will help you blow your customers away!

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