Paging Dr. Ruby ep. 7: delivering a great experience for mobile callers.

Did you know that since 2011, U.S. businesses have seen a 130% increase in calls from folks searching on their mobile phones? This is great news for small businesses who are often located nearby—which means it’s a great opportunity to up your customer service game and truly set your business apart! Ruby client Debbie noticed this trend and asked:

“I’m getting more calls from folks who find me using search or maps on their phone. Since they often seem to have different needs than other callers, do you have any tips on how I can create the best experience for them?”

Thanks Debbie for the question! Since these callers won’t have conducted a lot of research on your business, first impressions are especially important. To win over these callers, let’s get back to the basics, starting with your greeting. Make sure that it sets the tone for your business and welcomes callers warmly, like this:

“Thank you for calling Poseidon’s Fish Emporium. Don’t be Koi, our fish bring joy!”

Once you’ve locked down your greeting, it’s time to find out how you can best assist your caller. Since they’re calling after a quick search, they’re likely to have a lot of basic questions about your service. Having a stellar description of your company on hand and some go-to FAQs is going to be extremely useful for both you and your receptionist. It might sound like this:

Customer: “Hi, I just found you from my phone. I’ve been searching for tropical fish for an aquarium I’m building.”

Employee: “Wonderful! I’d be happy to help. Poseidon’s Fish Emporium specializes in rare tropical fish as well as the equipment needed to house them.”

Customer: “Sounds like what I’m looking for. Do you have much of a selection?”

Employee: “We do! In fact, we have more than 200 varieties of tropical fish. Are there any specific fish you were looking for?”

Once a caller knows you have the service or product they’re looking for, they’re most likely to ask next about price. Whether you have a fixed price, or it’s on a spectrum, knowing some answers ahead of time will ensure that your caller will have a great experience. For example:

Customer: “I don’t have a specific fish in mind; I was hoping to come in and look at the selection to see what catches my eye. What’s the usual range?

Employee: “That’s a fantastic question! Our prices vary from fish to fish. Some fish such as our Dwarf Spotted Cory are as low as $3.00 a fish, and others can reach into the hundreds of dollars. We also have bulk discounts available, and are happy to help you pick out fish for your aquarium based on your budget.”

In this example they went above and beyond by giving the caller what they didn’t even know they wanted with their offer of bulk discounts. Once the caller knows that you have what they want, and they know the price, it’s time to plan the next step with your caller. It may make sense to schedule a time for them to stop by your location or jot down their information. Knowing what information you need helps keep the call flowing and shows the caller that you are the best person to help them!

Employee: “If you are looking to pick out some fish today, we’d love to have you stop by! I’d even be happy to schedule a consultation for you with our tropical fish expert.”

Customer: “Gosh, that sounds fantastic! Could I stop by around 2:00 p.m. today?”

Employee: “Perfect! May I jot down your name and number for our expert?”

With a fantastic greeting, prepared answers, and enthusiasm, you will easily win over these cellphone shoppers. Just remember to have patience! Often these types of callers will have many questions about your product or services. Most importantly, always be thinking about how you can provide the best experience. Callers can tell when you’re passionate about your business. They want to buy from someone who believes in what they sell!

Well, that wraps it up for this episode of Paging Dr. Ruby. Huge thanks to Debbie for her excellent question! If you’re looking for communication advice, or tips about the Ruby Service we’re here to help. Dr. Ruby is always on the case! Send us your questions on Twitter @callruby, Facebook, or put them in the comments below!

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