The most important thing we do is every little thing we do.

We focus on the dozens of small ways we can make every customer interaction better, so you can focus on your business.

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We sweat the small stuff.

Our live virtual receptionists and chat specialists focus on all the little ways we can connect with customers on a personal level and make the most out of each conversation. 

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Grow your business.

Over 10,000 business owners trust Ruby with front-line communications. In return they get increased sales inquiries, measurably better customers satisfaction and up to 10 hours a month of time back in their schedules.

Personalized customer experiences.

Ruby is the best teammate you’ve never had.
Every call and chat are backed by tools that create great impressions for your customers, from name pronunciation to personal notes that build connections.

Our proof is your bottom line.

Time is money, and money is important. With our ROI calculators, you can get an idea of just how the numbers shake out.


Make each connection count.

Missed phone calls and chats are missed opportunities. Ruby’s live, US-based receptionists help you build meaningful customer connections that win trust and business.

You’re the boss.

With just Ruby and a cell phone, you can manage your service with the Ruby app. Control call handling from anywhere, and return customer calls right in the app from your business phone number.

We’re in it for you to win it.

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