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That’s how many robocalls were made per second in June of 2020 for a total of just over 3.3 BILLION for the month per YouMail.

With everything else going on, it’s enough to make you throw your smartphone out the window…but don’t yet.

Combatting Robocalls with Technology

While the pandemic has seen an increase in spam robocalls pitching coronavirus tests or claiming to be the Social Security Administration, private businesses and public institutions are getting wise to their ways. For example, the FTC notified nine VoIP providers licensing the numbers warning them of the penalties for assisting illegal robocalls and call blocking app downloads have increased.

While tools like these can reduce robocalls and solicitations to your personal number, how can you combat similar calls coming through your business line? Spam calls not only interrupt your day but take away from potential and current customers trying to reach you.

Robocall Filtering Options for Business

Virtual receptionist services like Ruby can provide a buffer for small business owners annoyed by these calls. As the receptionist takes your calls, they’ll recognize solicitations and either send to voicemail or take a message and note that it sounded like a solicitation. 

And as technology has improved, so have the tools to empower receptionists further. Using Ruby’s proprietary platform, our customers can enable Robocall Filtering. Our software recognizes potential spam calls and sends calls straight to voicemail instead of a virtual receptionist answering the call. Plus, we also flag these filtered calls with a robot icon on your call activity so you can quickly sort these types of calls out, leaving you more time to focus on your business.

With a virtual receptionist and Robocall Filtering, small business owners:

  • Save time and resources spent reviewing irrelevant voicemails and messages
  • Save money by reserving your minutes for true business needs from potential and current customers

Interested in learning more?

If you’re already a part of the Ruby family or have questions about our live virtual receptionist service, reach out to our team at 866-611-7829(RUBY)!

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Filter Robo Calls with Ruby

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