Five Little Ways to Impress Any Caller

Phone Answering Tips: Impressing Callers

At Ruby® Receptionists, we strive to provide our clients and their callers with out-of-this-world customer service. Each of our live virtual receptionists is skilled in the art of making callers feel special, heard, and appreciated.This, of course, is no small feat—surely we can all recall a few telephone conversations that left us feeling less than fantastic. But the tools our team uses are often very simple.  In fact, all it really takes to make a great first impression is a good ear and a little common courtesy. Here are five simple phone tips for impressing any caller:

1. Thank ’em very much. The words thank you are far too rarely spoken in today’s busy world. Any thanks you give to your caller will likely be reciprocated and greatly appreciated. Look for an opportunity to thank every caller—and while you’re at it, aim to say thank you rather than the less formal thanks.  Even complaints or expressions of dissatisfaction can be softened by a Thank you for bringing this to my attention, or a Thank you for your feedback. If you look hard enough, you can find a place for thank you in any conversation.

2. Address your caller by name. People love hearing their names, especially when uttered in a friendly tone. If your caller gives you his or her name, give it right back. Addressing your caller by name is a great way to showcase your attention to detail, assure the caller that you are actively listening. A name usually accompanies a thank you beautifully.

3. Ask, and ask nicely. Always ask your caller for information rather than demanding it. Skip I need your telephone number, and replace it with May I have your telephone number?  Be liberal with please. This little word exudes professionalism and respect.   They don’t call it the magic word for nothing!

4. Don’t show what you don’t know. Even the brightest and best receptionists don’t have the answer to every question. However, immediately admitting that you don’t have an answer will not benefit you or your caller. Instead, show your ingenuity, and offer to help your caller find the requested information.

Here are some examples of foolproof replies:

    • Let me find out for you.
    • Let me look into that for you.
    • Let me put you in touch with best person to answer that question.
    • I would be happy to research that for you.
    • Great question!  Let me see what I can find out.

5. Be your wonderful self. When fielding calls for a business, professionalism necessarily plays a key part in every telephone interaction. However, being professional does not have to mean being monotonous, robotic, or boring. If your caller cracks a funny joke, laugh. If your caller wants to chat a bit, don’t hesitate to engage your talkative side. Expressing your natural warmth and friendliness will never fail to brighten your day and your caller’s day.

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