WOW story of the month: fulfilling unexpressed needs.

Ruby Service Pyramid

Ruby is the best in the biz in a lot of ways. At the top of this list is our ability to use our best judgment to fulfill our customers’ unexpressed needs—known as “give them what they don’t even know they want” on the Ruby Service Pyramid. Ruby receptionist, Chris, read a recent situation perfectly and went above and beyond to make a customer’s day, not once but twice!

Chris announced a call to Laura that was a bit out of the ordinary. He let her know that the person on the other line was looking for some old and possibly outdated information. Laura laughed ironically and remarked, “I’m literally having the worst day.”

Fulfilling Unexpressed NeedsChris wasn’t about to let that comment go unnoticed. “You know what? This call doesn’t sound pressing, and I would be glad to take a message so that you can concentrate on your work.” Even though Laura hadn’t asked Chris to do this, it was exactly what she needed, without even knowing it. “Oh my goodness! You would be a life saver right now,” she exclaimed. Chris handled the call as promised and went about his day. But he wasn’t done lifting Laura’s spirits.

Chris sent her a thoughtful note and a Starbucks gift card to help her out of her slump. With this extra bit of care, he climbed right to the top of the pyramid, where “make meaningful connections” is key.

Laura could not have been more grateful. She immediately wrote into Ruby to thank Chris personally for his time, his thoughtfulness, and his gift.

“I wanted to personally thank you for the note and Starbucks gift card. That was SO thoughtful of you. I was actually speechless, which doesn’t happen often. People like yourself that go above and beyond are a special breed in this crazy harsh world we live in. So thank you again. You made my day, my week, and my month!”

Taking the time to connect with our customers and make sure that they’re heard, cared for, and WOWed makes all the difference. Chris’ excellent intuition and follow through were on point—a perfect example of Ruby’s Service Pyramid in action!

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