Give Quality Feedback With “Start, Stop, Continue”

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Ever wonder how to elicit feedback and suggestions from your staff? We understand the importance of feedback at Ruby® Receptionists. Our amazing team of virtual receptionists wouldn’t be what it is today without the improvements that resulted from quality feedback over the years. What’s our secret? Three little words: Start, Stop, Continue.

The “Start, Stop, Continue” system is a popular method for gathering specific, helpful feedback, and the name explains it all. When giving feedback, note something you think a team member or department should start doing, stop doing, and continue doing.

Our telephone answering champs use the “Start, Stop, Continue” system to submit anonymous feedback whenever they feel so inclined. We keep a drop-box and plenty of “Start, Stop, Continue” forms in our office.

When a “Stop, Start, Continue” form is received, our Director of Receptionist Services emails the anonymous feedback to our team. She addresses each idea with feedback of her own, describing how a suggestion will be implemented or why it won’t be implemented. From there, changes are made, systems improved, and our workplace is bettered. It’s pretty amazing! And it’s easy. Thanks to thoughtful suggestions from our team, we’ve reduced office waste, begun using new software, and effected lots of procedural changes that have made a positive impact on our daily lives.

The “Start, Stop, Continue” system takes the guesswork out of giving helpful feedback. There may be something you’d like a co-worker to stop doing, but there’s probably also something you think that co-worker does very well. Why not acknowledge both? Giving feedback doesn’t always have to be about seeking change—it can be a great opportunity to celebrate successes, too.

The next time you’re reviewing a peer, department, or your company as a whole, don’t fret. Take a cue from our live virtual receptionists and try using the “Start, Stop, Continue” model. We think you’ll find it’s an excellent way to express your thoughts clearly, quickly, and effectively, without breaking a sweat.

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