Happy Secretary’s Day!

Today is Administrative Professionals’ Day! In 1952, National Secretary’s Day was created to honor an important office role that can sometimes get overlooked.   Since then, the day has had a few name changes and eventually landed on National Administrative Professionals’ Day. No matter what you call us – secretaries, receptionists, or administrative professionals – the role is still just as important as it was 60 years ago. Time has taught us that a smile, a warm hello, and bit of charm can go a long way in business!

How are the amazing receptionists here at Ruby celebrating our favorite holiday?  With a tea party of course! Our hardworking team is taking a break from their busy day of telephone answering to share a cup of tea and celebrate all the great work that they do each and every day. Our conference room has been transformed into an old-fashioned teahouse filled with wonderful treats (contributed by everyone in the office) and our receptionists are dressed up to the nines in their best retro secretary garb. We are taking the time to remember the roots of our profession and also celebrate the little things we do each day to support our clients.

We also raise our teacups today to the more than 8.9 million other administrative support staff all over the US!

Holly T, Sarah S, Katy, Suzanne, Katie, Ellen, Brianna, Amy, Emily, and Kim

Paddy, Sara B, Kate, Janel, jewel, Tasia, Monica K, Lauren O, Diana, Amanda, Hilary, Monica D, and Serenity

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