Rethink Your Hiring Strategy – Hire from Within

Organizations big and small are at times faced with challenges around finding the right candidate for an open position. And for those companies that are struggling to fill tech roles, Katharine Nester, chief product and technology officer at Ruby, has some advice: Look internally for your talent.

It’s a strategy that has worked for Ruby – more than one-third of its software engineering positions are held by employees who started at the company as receptionists answering calls. All of their QA (quality assurance) engineers are former receptionists — and so is the company’s founder, Jill Nelson. And the strategy pays off. When you hire someone who is highly skilled for their role from day one, it can be harder to keep the job interesting and retain them, Katharine notes. “If you can hire somebody from within or from a boot camp, you can keep them a lot longer and mold them into the way that you want code written. They don’t have ingrained habits.”

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