How a virtual receptionist service helps you start the year off right.

The holi-daze is over and the 2020 ramp-up is in full swing. It’s been busy at Ruby, and when our offices are buzzing, that means yours probably are, too. The good news? Thousands of small business owners across the country are leaning into the hustle and riding a wave of momentum with the help of Ruby’s live virtual receptionists. 

We’re on the front lines, turning callers into customers, empowering the entrepreneurs we serve to:

  • Look their best. Did you know the average customer forms their first impression of a business within 7 seconds? When a real, live, friendly person is creating a stellar first impression, your business becomes more attractive to both your prospective clients and your current clients. No busy signals, no confusing auto-attendants…just award-winning Rubys, making every moment of every call count.
  • Never miss a call. Missed calls are missed opportunities, but when you’re balancing all that it takes to run your business, there isn’t always time to answer a ringing phone. That’s where Ruby comes in, answering 100% of calls live Monday through Friday, 5am-9pm, and 6am-6pm on the weekends. We’re never sick, late, or on vacation. We help you grow your business, one happy caller at a time. 
  • Work anywhere. Where do you like to work? Taking the kids to the coast this weekend? Or maybe you just want to buckle down and work from home? We can make that happen. Ruby transfers incoming calls to you live, wherever you’d like. Need all calls to come into your cell phone? No problem. Did you decide that you need to go into the office, after all? Great! We can transfer calls there, instead. Maybe you don’t want to take any calls at all… we’ve got your back. We don’t want to brag, but we are expert-level message-takers. 
  • Focus on what you do best. You didn’t start a business to be on the phone all day. Luckily, we did! We can answer basic questions about your business, make outbound calls on your behalf, gather new client intake, and more…for the moments when you’d like a little extra time to concentrate. You’ll get notifications immediately via email or text message, giving you the ability to drop everything and make a call, if and when you need to. 

Our proof is your bottom line.

Wondering what difference virtual receptionists can make for your business? Calculate your ROI and see!


We know the beginning of the year can be a little hectic, and we’d be delighted to lend a hand.

Give us a call at 866-611-7829 to see for yourself how Ruby’s virtual receptionists make callers feel. Or, skip right to the good stuff and get started today!

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