How Gossip Can Be Good for Business

Problem Solver & Happiness Makers Jill Holmes and Tiffany Nevatt

Are you looking for a way to strengthen relationships, create community, and build a warmer, friendlier workplace? A little gossip might do the trick — positive gossip, that is. Our brilliant Star Service and Receptionist Cultivator Ang Gray has championed positive gossip (or “posi gossi,” as she calls it) around our office, and as anyone at Ruby will tell you, it’s worked wonders. Trust me — you want Ang talking about you when you’re not around! Whereas malicious gossip can be detrimental to office morale, positive gossip works in the opposite way, and almost magically so. A few kind words exchanged behind the backs of coworkers can go a long way in building a welcoming workplace! Here are three reasons to give it a try:

1. Positive gossip makes you feel good. First, let’s cover a selfish reason for lauding coworkers when they’re not around: It feels great. Give it a try — the next time you’re chatting with a teammate, try talking up one of your fellow employees. You’re sure to get a case of the warm fuzzies.

Did you hear Lauren on that sales call earlier? She is amazing!

2. Positive gossip can help curb negative gossip. Speaking positively about teammates can be a great way to steer negative talk in a better direction. When a teammate complains to you, offer a positive perspective.

I heard Tim’s presentation was a flop. I don’t think he’s doing well in his new position.

That surprises me! He’s such a hard worker, and it seems like he’s really enjoying his new role. I’ll check in on him to see if he needs any support!

Wow — with a little positive gossip, we just turned hearsay into a whole new ballgame! When you gain a reputation for positivity, coworkers are less likely to bog you down with bummer behind-the-back talk. And, if they’re smart, your teammates will follow your lead and reap the mood-boosting benefits of positive gossip themselves (see #1)!

3. Positive gossip builds trust. If you’re a leader, making a habit of positive gossip is essential. When your teammates notice you spreading good news about their fellow employees, their trust in you will be amplified. Furthermore, you’ll set a powerful example: Want to grow with this amazing company? Let your positivity shine!

We all know work can be stressful at times, and the temptation to tear down a coworker when the going gets tough can be a strong one. Thankfully, the yearning for a happy, healthy workplace is a strong one, too, and positive gossip is one of the many ways you can help keep your office environment inviting, upbeat, and safe. Now get to the break room and start gossiping!

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