How Ruby Builds Customer Loyalty

Tips for Building Customer Loyalty

At Ruby, we pride ourselves in being an integral part of our clients’ team. Any opportunity to make their lives easier and better genuinely delights us! We are thrilled to retain many long-term clients and have been overjoyed to watch their businesses flourish over time. This week, we sat down with our Client Loyalty Associate, Casey Spurgeon, to discuss how Ruby builds lasting client relationships.

Casey SpurgeonWhat is your role at Ruby?

I am the Client Loyalty Associate. My job is to check in with our clients regarding our Ruby service. I see how everything is going, and help with any questions or account updates they might have at that time. Also, I offer suggestions and tips on how to make the most out of our service for their company.

Why is focusing on client loyalty important for any business?

Every business wants happy customers, and paying customers deserve to be provided with great customer service. To me, client loyalty is important because you want your customers to know you’re there for them, and want to help with anything and everything. When they call and immediately get someone on the line that will listen, it builds a relationship so your customers know they can reach out at any time.

What is your favorite part about your role?

Chatting with clients! I receive some really great feedback about our service and get to know a lot of really awesome people along the way.

How does Ruby do things differently, with regard to building client loyalty?

Ruby is different because everyone at Ruby really cares about our clients and possesses a genuine desire to help them build their business and flourish as much as possible. As employees, we are given endless amounts of tools, as well as use our own creative ways to build a long lasting relationships with the people we interact with each day.

Do you have one favorite tip for building client loyalty?

Get to know who you’re talking to! I enjoy learning something new about someone or sharing a laugh over something we have in common. There’s no better feeling then make a connection with someone AND assisting them in making the most out of their service.

What do you think is the most important factor in keeping a customer’s business?

I think the key is to be genuine with each person you interact with, respect their business, and really listen to what they have to say. My goal is when I get off the phone, the person on the other end is informed as well as happy!

Big thanks to Casey for giving us a glimpse of how Ruby builds long-lasting relationships with clients. Ruby loves to support, surprise, and delight our clients every day. In a month all about celebrating gratitude, we are particularly mindful of how fortunate we are to be a partner to so many exceptional people and businesses. We consider ourselves privileged to contribute in a positive way to the lives of our clients (and their clients, too!)

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