How Ruby Receptionists Differs from a Traditional Answering Service

Virtual Receptionist Sara-Lee B.
Everybody’s favorite virtual receptionist, Sara-Lee B.!

As one of our clients so eloquently put it, “Ruby® is not your father’s answering service.” So what sets our live virtual receptionists apart from traditional answering services? Our approach is really quite simple: our professional, friendly virtual receptionists use advanced technology to sound like they’re sitting right in your office. Here are a few ways we set ourselves apart:

We can transfer calls live. Many traditional answering services can only take messages. Our live virtual receptionists are able to transfer calls to you whenever, wherever you like. We’re even able to try multiple lines – say your desk phone, then your cell – at no additional cost!

Our studio is a hushed haven for your callers. As we’ve blogged in the past, we strive to keep noise to an absolute minimum. Our remote receptionists utilize state-of-the-art noise-canceling headsets to reduce noise, and our glass paneled cubicles keep our receptionists happy while blocking excess sound. Unlike with conventional call centers or answering services, your callers won’t know Ruby’s not in your office!

We hire “people people.” Our virtual receptionists are extremely friendly and helpful. They go above and beyond on a regular basis – Practicing WOWism isn’t one of our Core Values for nothing! It makes our day to make yours. Stanley Feldman, a current client and a busy attorney, recently expressed what a difference this can make, saying, “It has been a little hectic lately, but I wanted to take a minute to thank everyone for the great service. No matter what kind of mood I am in from day to day, ‘my’ Ruby is always pleasant to me and my clients or other callers.”

We provide a toll-free number that you can keep. Ruby® Receptionists furnishes each client with their own toll-free number that they are free to publish (or to forward an existing number to). If, at the end of service (provided you are in good standing) we will gladly release the number to you so that you may take it with you. This is not always the case with conventional answering services — we would like you to stay with us because you like us, not because you have to!

All of our virtual receptionists attend “Ruby University.” Our intelligent receptionists undergo an intensive and ongoing training program to provide them with the skills to field your calls with grace. We even provide training in etiquette! You can check out some of the locution techniques our receptionists employ in our ongoing Receptionist Etiquette Tips series.

Our Core Values are at the heart of everything we do. As we’ve mentioned, Ruby’s Core Values of “Innovation,” “Create Community,” “Foster Happiness,” and “Practice WOWism” are who we are. How many answering services can say the same?

These are just a few of the ways we differ from your average answering service — I actually had to make this post a series to accommodate all of the features that set us apart! Look for part two: “Even More Ways Ruby® Receptionists Differs from Answering Services” tomorrow!

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