Keeping it Personal with Notecards: Part One

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Creating Relationships With Customers: Notecards

At Ruby Receptionists, as a virtual receptionist company, it is important for us to stay connected with our clients and do everything we can to keep the personal touch alive in our very virtual world. One way we try to stay connected is sending personal notecards at every opportunity we find. So, when our President, Jill Nelson mentioned she could think of 100 reasons to send a personal notecard, I knew I was up for the challenge and could possibly surpass 100 reasons.

Here are just a few:

  1. Birthday! Whether, a client or a client’s family member is celebrating their birthday, send a notecard wishing a happy birthday and you’re certain to make them feel special on their special day!
  2. Anniversary of a marriage or relationship. Celebrating your client’s personal success is just as important as celebrating their professional success. If you hear someone is celebrating their anniversary, this is a great time to wish them future happiness and send a notecard.
  3. Anniversary of your professional relationship. What better time to show your clients how much you value their business than at the anniversary of your professional relationship?  Make an annual habit of this, and your clients are certain to understand your appreciation for them!
  4. Has your attorney client just won a big case? Send a note card congratulating them.
  5. Just had a baby? Send a note card, welcoming the new little life into the world!
  6. Has your client just moved offices or to a new home? This is a great opportunity to wish them success in their new space.
  7. Has your client recently won an award? When Ruby Receptionists won the RecycleWorks award, we were thrilled to receive so many friendly note cards from our vendors and colleagues, congratulating our success!
  8. Has your client had to cancel your business partnership because of the growth of their business? Although it is unfortunate that they must cancel their partnership with you, it is wonderful that they have grown and your business helped contribute to their growth.
  9. Thanksgiving. Thought holiday cards started after Black Friday? No way! Thanksgiving is an excellent opportunity to send a personal note card and give thanks.
  10. Your favorite client? Send a note card just to say hello!

I’m thrilled to receive any mail that is not a bill or junk, so when I receive a personal notecard it truly makes my day. Whether it is a client, vendor, colleague or friend, take the time to make someone’s day by sending them a personal notecard! Who knows, you might receive a thank you note in response.

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