Legal woahs: how to grow your bottom line and improve efficiency.

For lawyers, billable hours—and therefore growth—are a constant struggle to maximize, with the national average sitting at just 2.5 hours per day. Everybody wants a fully billable day but, let’s face it, it’s unrealistic for the modern attorney. There is simply too much to do. Of course, that doesn’t mean billable hours can’t be increased. By capitalizing on every opportunity to increase efficiency and productivity, implementing logical small improvements add up to more workable, billable hours.

With the ever-increasing demand for rapid responses, how can attorneys balance client service with regular case work, marketing needs, client retention efforts, and administrative demands ⁠—you know, all the work required to run a successful firm and focus on casework?

We’re here to tell you that it can happen. And it happens by re-arranging as much as possible to better handle your non-billable workload.

Non-billable work typically falls into three major buckets:

  • Administrative tasks
  • Marketing
  • Business development

Solo, small, and even mid-sized firms are particularly prone to competing priorities and significant distractions. That is, of course, because you’re both an attorney and a business owner.

Clio reports that 25% of legal professionals are interrupted more than ten times per day, and 30% are interrupted between six and ten times per day. Getting back to work after being interrupted by another task takes an average of 23 minutes.

Even if you experience only 6 interruptions a day, that still adds up to more than a two-hour productivity loss. That’s why the logical combination of tools that reduce distractions and new processes will help you increase revenue, without sacrificing responsive and helpful client service!

Many attorneys have discovered that front-line communications via quality, highly-trained receptionist services (such as Ruby) increases client satisfaction, captures each potential client as they arrive, provides intake that can be prioritized, significantly reduces interruptions, and polishes their practice’s presentation.

Attorney marketing efforts are vital, but if the call is going to voicemail, those efforts are often empty. Live virtual receptionists like Ruby are the best solution, offering friendly, professional, and personalized service that represents your practice and provides your clients with the connection, responsiveness, and validation they expect.

The Ruby solution.

Ruby receptionists operate as your team members, making sure your clients  are responded to and heard. Ruby’s live virtual receptionists can also screen calls based on your specifications, set expectations with clients about your availability, and conduct client intake, making your job easier.

Ruby’s receptionists are specifically trained to lead with empathy, take cues from your clients, and respond appropriately, helping them through the stress and anxiety that often accompanies legal issues.

How to win clients.

While you’re juggling casework, communications, and business development, let Ruby take the call. Learn more!


Now that your phone is covered, you can step away to refocus on your billable client work, avoid those pesky interruptions, and still capture every incoming call, referral, or potential new client.

Ruby customers gain significant efficiency—helping them beat the national average of 2.5 hours billable hours per day. When surveyed, 46% of Ruby’s customers reported billing between three and five hours per day, with 44% billing more than five hours!

Give us a try.

From answering your calls while you’re in court to transferring high-priority callers and capturing lead data while you’re with your family or doing what you love outside the office, Ruby provides genuine, professional service that sets your practice apart from the competition. Ruby even offers a convenient mobile app you can use to update your availability, check messages and more while you’re on the go! See why we’ve received an average of 5/5 stars in over 400 reviews on Trustpilot.

Discover Ruby’s call handling services for yourself.

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