Make Call Rotations Work for You

Call Rotations with Ruby Receptionists

Potential new clients are like blank slates – the experience of their first call to your company paints a lasting impression. Routing your first-time callers quickly to the right staff member can make them feel like a VIP. To do this, you may be considering a “call rotation”: the process in which your receptionist tries a series of staff members, one after another, until someone is available to take their call. Call rotations can either be a blessing or a curse, depending on how you implement them!

To make call rotations work for your company, first think like a first-time caller. How often are your callers being connected to the right person? How long do callers wait on hold until they are? If callers are experiencing more hold music than helpful conversation, it may be time to reinvent your process.

Here are some ways to make your call rotation stellar:

  • Keep it short. The longer your list of staff members, the more time your caller could potentially wait on hold. Placing a first-time caller on hold repeatedly may make the caller feel like their business is unimportant. Simply keep your staff list to one or two people, and have your keen receptionist make a great impression with her message-taking skills. Returning the call promptly will only solidify how wonderful your company’s customer service truly is!
  • Use technology to your advantage. Depending on your phone provider, VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) service can sometimes offer simultaneous ringing. With this feature, your receptionist can dial one line while it rings the line of each staff member who can help. Dialing one line reduces hold time and the first person available can quickly answer the call.
  • Update your receptionist. Letting your receptionist know who is available on which days will help her to connect your callers quickly. Are staff members on vacation? Are they in a meeting? Instead of your receptionist trying lines that will go unanswered, keep her in the loop and watch hold times diminish!

Like every great receptionist, Ruby’s remote receptionists can dial more than one person in a row, too! If you’re a current client and interested in adding call rotations, we would be delighted to help!



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