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Here’s an interesting factoid for all you service sticklers out there: 67% of customers have hung up the phone out of frustration if they could not talk to a real person, according to a Consumer Reports survey. 67 percent!

That’s a lot of missed opportunities to serve customers when they need it most, and not to mention the lost sales and chances to connect with potential new customers.

At Ruby, our clients trust us to make a great impression with every caller, and in return we promise that 100% of calls that arrive during our business hours are promptly answered by a smart, friendly receptionist who is ready to help.

That’s not always the case with other call handling options. Auto-attendants are confusing, time consuming, and leave callers wanting nothing more than to speak with someone (we’ve all been there!), while many answering services greet callers with the generic recording, all agents are currently busy, during times of high call volume. Even an in-house receptionist needs to step away for lunch breaks, sick days, and the occasional vacation. Ruby, on the other hand, never takes a day off and won’t leave your phones unattended for a coffee break. In fact, we constantly watch call trends to ensure we have enough people to greet every single caller with a real live person, even if it is lunchtime!

Consider the perspective of a potential new customer. When seeking a new product or service, they’ll set aside only a few minutes from their busy day to make a phone call and cross this item off their to-do list. If nobody answers, odds are that customer will reach out to other businesses until someone can help while they still have the time. In fact, callers constantly tell us how glad they are to speak with a real person after trying unsuccessfully to reach other companies, and we hear from our own clients that new business has been booming since they gave up the ol’ robot voice for a Ruby receptionist.

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We love these success stories!  After all, there’s no telling which callers will take your business to the next level, and with Ruby’s live answering, our friendly and helpful receptionists will make sure not-a-one slips through the cracks.

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