New product update: call-tagging.

Virtual receptionist call-tagging

Prioritize Your Communications & Track Your Leads

As business owners, you often share with us that you have competing priorities and your time is one of your most precious resources. Ruby is excited to share our new Call-Tagging feature, which provides you with valuable call data insights. This new feature can help you focus your daily efforts on what matters most to you, whether it is contacting leads or following up with current clients.

Receptionists now identify each call with a tag, such as Lead or Current Client, and that information flows into our web and mobile apps, helping you to see the volume of those calls, and find them more easily.

This feature has launched with a small set of tags:

  • Lead
  • Current Client
  • Solicitation
  • Your company calling Ruby
  • Other

We plan to expand the tags as we hear from you on what additional tags would be most useful!

Prioritize Your Communication

The Ruby mobile app now highlights calls that are leads, ensuring you never miss an opportunity. On the dashboard and in the Activity Section, leads will have a visible lead tag. Armed with this insight, you can more easily prioritize which calls need your immediate attention.

Worried that you might have missed an important call from a current client? Head on over to the Activity Section where you can filter your activity by tag, and easily see calls from your current clients that you might have missed. Create a filtered list of just the types of follow-ups you want to focus on—whether that is a lead who left a voicemail, or current clients who left a message—and do that all while you are in your office or on the go!

Track Your Leads

Your dashboard on now gives you a snapshot of your customer call activity for the last 7 days, helping you to quickly see if that new marketing investment, such as a Facebook ad, is driving new leads to your business.

Using the Activity Section on, you can filter your activity to see all activity by a specific tag and in a specific period of time. Export your activity and overlay your own information on marketing dates and campaigns for deeper analysis and insight.

Use the “Current Client” tag to filter your activity to just current clients and see how your customer marketing might be driving engagement with your customers. Or use it as a to-do list by selecting the “Lead” tag to prioritize who to call to win business.

Ruby is excited to put more data in your hands to help you grow and run your business, and looks forward to your feedback on this new feature!

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