Receptionist Etiquette Tip: 3 Ways to End Silly Mistakes in Your Writing


You’ve read it, re-read it, and confidently sent it, but a scan of your “Sent” folder reveals the dreaded blemish: a goofy little typing error. Argh! Even the best proofreader is probably guilty of sending a letter or email with a silly mistake now and then. Editing your writing isn’t easy, but each virtual receptionist at Ruby® aims to be a proofreading pro. Before sending your next important email, try these three tips from our phone answering team:

  1. Isolate individual words. Sure, you want to proofread for tone and cohesiveness, but it’s important to read your text word-by-word before putting your red editing pen away. Many errors slip through the cracks because we simply scan over them, so do something that will jar you out of your typical reading routine. Try reading your text aloud, for example. Better yet, read it backwards, so you’re sure to focus on individual words rather than overall content. It’s a surefire way to find missing or duplicate words.
  2. Check your spellcheck. If you’re anything like me, spellcheck is a lifesaver. But using it effectively requires a bit of savvy at times. When spellcheck says you’ve mistyped a word, be careful to select the correct alternative spelling option. Your computer is smart, but you’re smarter. Let spellcheck narrow down your choices, but take care to select the right choice.
  3. Scour for sound-alikes. Ever written “their” instead of “there”? Ugh! Embarrassing. We all learned the difference between common homonyms in elementary school, but that doesn’t mean our fingers always type them correctly. Be on red alert for its and it’s, the theres, and other words that sound alike when proofreading.

You’ve seen how our virtual receptionists edit their email messages; how do you make sure your writing is error-free? Spill the beans on your proofreading secrets and Tweet us @callruby!

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