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“Hi, may I speak with the owner of the business?” We’ve all been there. Thinking twice about picking up your phone because you’re not sure you’ll have the time, or energy, to handle the call. However, you could be missing an important call from a potential new client or someone with whom you’d actually like to speak.

As a virtual receptionist at Ruby, I feel the most impactful when I directly help a client get more done. We can do more than just connect your callers to you, we can prioritize your calls, allowing you to dedicate your time to focusing on your business.

Here are a few areas where Ruby can help:


By using Ruby, you will automatically be relieved of prerecorded solicitation calls, but, if you’d like, we can also do our best to politely decline other sales calls on your behalf. By screening out automated sales calls and many generic solicitations, Ruby is able to save you time so that you can focus on your task at hand.

Chatty Callers

While your existing clients are very important, we understand that sometimes you cannot take their calls. Some clients have a tendency to turn one question into a 35-minute conversation, and it can be difficult to gauge how long a call will last before you answer the phone. When we offer to connect a call and you don’t have enough time to devote your full attention, simply let us know! We’ll go back to this enthusiastic caller and guide them to leave a message so that you can return their call without having to rush.

Whatever the Situation: We’ve Got Your Back

There are all kinds of reasons you may not be able to or want to take a call. From wrong numbers to frequently asked questions to repeat callers, we can help by relaying information or respectfully declining calls on your behalf. Ruby’s bright virtual receptionists are trained to handle just about anything and are taught how to diffuse difficult situations.

I recently answered a call for a client and saw that there was a note in the account: “If [Name] calls, please let him know that you have been asked to decline his call.” It turns out this gentleman had called over 30 times that day. Thankfully, situations like this are rare, but it could’ve been a very stressful day for our client, full of interruptions. By relaying the exact information to the caller, I was able to save our client time and offer him a bit of peace of mind.

Having Ruby by your side not only provides a friendly, professional experience for your callers, but can also provide you with the time and energy to tackle the bigger-picture issues. By letting us help prioritize your calls, you can be more productive, not to mention add a bit of serenity to your day. Who wouldn’t want that?

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