Ruby Feature Highlight: The Free Ruby iPhone App!

Ruby® is always innovating and always using the most advanced technology; it’s just one of the ways we aren’t your average answering service. In 2010, Ruby developed a convenient, free iPhone app that our clients can use to make the most of our virtual receptionist service — and we recently updated it to provide additional features!

With a few quick taps to the Ruby iPhone app, you can:

Let us know your availability. We call these “Whereabouts updates,” and you can quickly, easily modify the way our virtual receptionist team handles your calls. It’s perfect for anything you might’ve tapped an in-house employee on the shoulder to tell them and especially handy if you’re on-the-go!


Check out your call history. Talked to a prospect this morning but can’t remember their name? The iPhone app could jog your memory! Pull up the Activity tab in your Ruby iPhone app, set your Timeframe for today (or around the time you may have talked to them), select Calls, and you’ll be able to see what calls were connected this morning!iPhone app message from a virtual receptionist

View your messages (screenshot on the right). As with your call history, you can also filter your messages by Company (if you have Ruby answer for more than one of your companies) and Timeframe. Every phone number and email address is automatically a hotlink, so you can return calls straight from the app!

Save contact info to your phone’s address book. At the bottom of each call or message, there’s an option to “Save to Contacts.” Any info such as name, phone number, and email address will immediately be imported into your iPhone’s address book!

See your assists. If you’re optimizing your time by having our virtual receptionists return calls for you, you can reference the Assist option under the Activity tab. There you can view a brief description of any assists you’ve requested!

Receive push notifications showing recent activity. If a Ruby virtual receptionist has taken a message for your company since the last time you logged in, you’ll see a little number in red on the corner of your app icon.

Contact Ruby! Tap on the Ruby tab and our phone number and email address appear as hotlinks for a quick way to contact us! There’s also a link to an FAQ page on the Ruby app. Plus, if you’re ever in Portland, Oregon, our address is listed as a hotlink and will bring you straight to a Google map — feel free to stop by, and we’ll give you a tour!

If you’re an iPhone user, you can download the free Ruby iPhone app here!  And don’t worry Android and Blackberry fans, we haven’t forgotten about you! Our feature-rich Member Services Area is completely mobile-friendly!

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