Ruby Gems: April Anniversaries!

We have some truly great Ruby®s celebrating anniversaries this month — and that’s no April Fool’s Day joke! Client Services Associate Kate Carroll and virtual receptionists Emily B. and Kim K. found their ways to Ruby one year ago. Receptionist Team Lead Holly S. and Director of Sales and Marketing Diana Stepleton are both celebrating their second year, and Charlene Huwe in Human Resources has been at Ruby for 5 whole years! Congratulations, ladies! A little more about these inspiring Rubys…

What’s your favorite part about working at Ruby?

Kate: The people I get to work with every day. From my coworkers to our clients, everyone is so friendly and wonderful that I can’t help but love my job!

Emily: The environment is so warm and welcoming, it’s hard not to have a smile on your face. I also love working at Ruby because they recognize our strengths and encourage that we use them on a daily basis.

Diana: I especially love getting to know our new clients. It’s so rewarding to help small business owners, and it makes me proud every time someone tells me they’ve heard delightful things about our virtual receptionist service!

Holly S.: My co-workers, without a doubt! The community at Ruby is amazing, and we do what we can to support each other in and out of the workplace. This is a company that recognizes the importance of the connections we make with each other, and it is incredible to see how that manifests. For example, the other day I commented to Lianne [a fellow virtual receptionist] that I liked a cowell I saw in a store, so she knitted me one, just like that!

What’s your favorite part about living in Portland?

Kim: I love that Portland has a great sense of community. I think that the phrase “collaboration is the new competition” reflects what Portland is all about.

Charlene: It’s beautiful! We have lots of parks throughout the city and more trees than you’d normally think a city would have. Plus, we’re close to the mountains and the ocean.

Diana: Having a great network of family and friends around… and the great restaurants!

Holly S.: The culture, the music, the food, the bike lanes… But to me the best thing about Portland is the amazing landscapes that surround us — I’m talking about canyons, waterfalls, sea stacks, volcanoes. We have the makings of adventure all around us!

What’s your favorite thing to do when you’re not at Ruby?

Kim: I love to spend time walking around my neighborhood in NW Portland with a cup of coffee. I’m also working on launching my own jewelry line.

Charlene: In the summer, I like to go camping with my husband and our friends. We love to host dinner parties and entertain guests at our house throughout the year.

Kate: I spend most of my time with my friends and my pup. I try to spend as much time outside as possible, though I’m much more likely to in the sunshine.

Emily: Spending time with my boyfriend, cooking, karaoke, writing poetry, and shopping — these are a few of my favorite things!

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