Around the Ruby Office: A Secret Snowflake Gift Exchange!

Our virtual receptionists celebrated the holidays this week with a secret snowflake gift exchange. Not only was it a great chance to Foster Happiness and Create Community (two of our Core Values)¬†but it was lovely to see some Ruby talents shine through! Rachel S. made a beautifully knit hat for Pennie, Clarice baked some fruit loop cupcakes for Kendra (to honor her love of all things cereal), Kendra¬†and Holly both made some dazzling earrings for their giftees, and there were lots of homemade sugary treats flowing in the office! Others handpicked some amazing and thoughtful gifts that definitely made their coworker’s days a little brighter.

Here are a few photos from the festivities:

Ruby's pink tree with a bounty of gifts!
Ruby’s pink tree with a bounty of gifts!

Desi was so excited that Pat was her secret snowflake!

Ang was almost moved to tears by her scrapbook kit!

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