Ruby’s in Orlando at MILOfest and in L.A. at the Small Business Expo!

Ruby’s in three places at once today! Our friendly virtual receptionist team is holding down the fort here in Portland, Oregon, but our Founder & CEO Jill Nelson and General Manager Diana Stepleton are in Orlando, Florida, for MILOfest. On Saturday, Jill is delighted to be presenting on how using processes, checklists & systems can foster error-proof customer service. We’re excited to see some of our clients in person and meet new folks!

Ashley and Lauren at Booth 317 at the Small Business Expo

Sales Associates Ashley Fisher and Lauren O’Neill also made their way down to Los Angeles for the Small Business Expo at the California Market Center. It’s free to attend, so if you’re in the area, feel free to stop by and say hello at Booth 317!

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