Wow story: Ruby’s WOW station saves the day.

If you’ve ever had food poisoning then you know one thing: it’s the absolute worst! There’s nothing that can turn that experience around. Nothing except a thoughtful Ruby, of course!

Ruby customer, Natalie sent in a few outbound call requests, noting that she was out of the office due to a case of food poisoning. Not to worry, Natalie! Ruby is here to help.

Handling Natalie’s request was Carsen, a Beaverton receptionist and one of Ruby’s Outbound Call Specialists. Carsen was happy to handle Natalie’s request—and she even took it a step further.

Carsen headed to the Ruby WOW Station to put together the perfect package of gifts and goodies to help Natalie on her way to recovery. Each Ruby office has its own station, chock full of Ruby swag and other gifts to brighten someone’s day.

The package Carsen created contained sachets of tea accompanied by a Ruby mug and even a few chocolates for when Natalie was back to her usual self. It took Natalie a few days to respond because she didn’t even think the package could possibly be for her!

Once she gave the box a second look and saw the address label, Natalie was absolutely floored. She wrote into Carsen to express her immense gratitude and shared her surprise at receiving such a gift.

Oh my goodness! I just came into the office and noticed that a package was still in the lobby and I wasn’t expecting anything so didn’t look all day yesterday. I took a peek and saw my name! I am in absolute shock right now!!

I am speechless right now at the sweet care package you sent me! Thank you so much!! I am so incredibly taken back by your kindness. I don’t know the last time anyone did something like this for me. Words cannot express how touched I am by your thoughtfulness. I cannot wait to jump into my lemon ginger tea and green tea! I love the thermos and mug which will definitely be put to good use. I always have to have something to drink while in session and cannot wait to rock my Ruby Receptionists gear. And of course the sea salt chocolate will be devoured anytime now. 🙂

Thank you so very much from the bottom of my heart. If there’s anything I can ever do please do not hesitate to ask. If you’re ever in the Washington DC area as well please let me know! I would love to return the favor.

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