Supporting legal clients: balancing empathy and information.

Not unlike healthcare patients, when legal clients reach out, they are more likely to be in personal crisis than customers in other industries. Calling, texting or emailing their attorney means they are truly seeking help right away. 

84% of consumers say the experience a company provides is as important as its products or services (up from 80% last year), but only 8%  believe that companies meet their expectations for excellent service. Legal clients in particular experience challenges that go beyond the needs of standard consumer industries. 

An attorney’s approach to potential clients has the power to turn their feelings of anxiety and confusion into relief and loyalty if the experience is positive. Additionally, every client you speak to has the power to become a source of positive reviews and referrals or reputation-damaging negative word of mouth. 

64% of legal clients make decisions based on the likeability of a lawyer’s tone, and 52% have in turn decided not to hire a lawyer if they were not likable or friendly enough. The perception of friendliness and likeability begins the first time a client calls, and can be impacted by every connection and exchange leading up to hire.

“Most people don’t see attorneys under happy circumstances, unless they are working on a business deal. In your personal life, you’re either planning for your death, or someone has died, or you’re getting divorced, or someone was hit by a car… having some compassion helps attorneys bring things down to the level of their clients.”

– Somita Basu – Norton Basu LLP

Ruby’s receptionists and chat specialists ensure that inbound communications are answered with a tone that recognizes and honors each client’s situation, offering an immediate sense of connection, friendliness, empathy, and likeability to set you up for success. Our services mean that you never miss a call or opportunity to assure a client that you are ready to assist and support them, and they never have to wonder if their message is lost or sitting in a void.

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