The Ruby Expansion in Pictures

Phew! What a project! In 9 short weeks, the good folks at R an H Construction remodeled our space and integrated the vacant space next door, all while our staff remained hard at work handling calls. It was tough going at times, but everyone is thrilled with our new space designed by architect Patty Gardner.

Take a look at the metamorphasis by our very own multi-talented artist Janel Hodge….

OUR OLD SPACE (Dull gray walls and windows hoarded by office and conference area)

Ruby Receptionists Office Expansion

The Construction doesn’t dampen our holiday spirit – the Ruby holiday monitor mantle keeps the cheer..

Ruby's Office is Growing

Our Virtual Receptionists working through the danger zone….

Virtual Receptionist Office

The walls came down….what a pile of rubble!
Ruby Receptionists Remodel

The big move – 24 hours to break down the entire office.. carpet and reinstall all of our desks, computers and phones

Ruby Receptionists Remodel

Our beautiful new office!!!

Ruby Receptionists New Office

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