Three Things to Do on Your Employee’s First Day

New Hire Tips
Our newest virtual receptionist, Amy T., on her very first day!

I’m proud to say that first days are pretty awesome at Ruby® Receptionists. Our HR, Culture, and Receptionist Services departments work together to support every new live virtual receptionist we hire, and the systems they’ve created ensure fantastic first days. Whether your office is big or small, making a great impression is important on day one. First days are also a crucial time to show that your team is organized, on the ball, and gets things done — and that the same is expected from any new addition. The following three basics are a must when we welcome a new employee to our telephone answering team, and we think they’ll work wonders for your team, too:

  1. Be extra early. If you’re showing a new employee the ropes, be at work well before your newbie is set to arrive. Any eager new employee will show up early — sometimes even very early — so give yourself plenty of time to get settled and prepare for the day. If you’re at all concerned about your ability to get to work early, create a contingency plan with a co-worker so that your new teammate gets a graceful greeting — even if traffic is terrible for you that particular morning.
  2. Emphasize your company’s core values. If your company is anything like our team of virtual receptionists, core values are guideposts for every work-related decision, big or small. Training can be overwhelming for both a trainer and a new employee—no matter what a position entails, there’s always a lot to learn and a lot to teach. Your newbie will forget some details, and will need help after initial training is complete, but teaching a new employee the importance of your core values on day one sets that employee up for success. When new team members let core values guide them, they’re likely to make quality decisions even before grasping all the ins and outs of a new job.
  3. Work! Don’t make day one a “coast day” for your new employee. Prepare work for your newbie to do, even if it’s super basic. A first day is all about setting the tone for your new teammate, and it’s important to show your company’s dedication to work ethic from the get-go. Fun stuff is important, too — make time for introductions and an office tour, and maybe take your new employee out to lunch and give a tour of neighborhood. But once settled, give your new team member the opportunity to accomplish a bit of work.

Now that you’ve heard how we prepare for each new virtual receptionist, what first-day routines does your team stand by? We’d love to hear them!

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