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How cool are smartphones? These little computers allow us easy access to a wealth of information and services, and although we may rely on them more than we’d like, there’s no doubt about their ability to make our lives easier. Of the many ways smartphones allow customers to connect with businesses (email? online forms? social media? I’m looking at you!), a recent Invoca study shows that smartphone users are, well, phoning more than anything else.

With click-to-call functionality, smartphones users can search for, find, and call a business in seconds with just a few screen taps. And for small businesses, the stakes of these calls are high. 74% of those polled said they’re likely to choose another business after a poor phone experience, while 80% said a positive experience is likely to make them a repeat customer. Any call could be a raving fan in the making, or a bad Yelp review waiting to happen—a review that could easily be written from the very smartphone used to call your company moments earlier. Yep, the danger is real, folks. So is the opportunity.

So what constitutes a poor phone experience? You probably know all too well. Think of a time you were unimpressed when you called a business. One or more of the usual suspects was likely involved:

  • Long hold times
  • Distracted/flustered/annoyed-sounding/unhelpful person on the other end of the line
  • Repeating the same information to multiple people
  • Botched transfers—finally get to the right place and then whoops! your call mysteriously ends
  • Lack of a live person altogether; instead, a labyrinth of automated options with seemingly no hope for escape
  • Going straight to voicemail during business hours, or worst of all, endless ringing with no voicemail

How about a positive experience—what does that look like? Well, if you’re a small business owner, it’s probably exactly what you’d like give every caller if you could: an engaging, informative, helpful, friendly exchange. Of course, you never know when a smartphone user’s Google search will lead to a phone call, and fielding phone queries is just one of many demands of running a business. In between meetings and planning your next steps, you have to actually do the work your customers paying for—not to mention find time to eat, sleep, and maybe even have a personal life. Small business ownership can become an all-consuming endeavor, and the accompanying stress means even if the phone rings when you have a rare bit of downtime, you might not be in the mood to pick it up.

Any time someone calls your business, you have an opportunity to make a real, meaningful connection that sets you apart from the competition. A conversation relays so much more than any advertisement, website, or email ever could. When a new customer builds trust with the person on the other end of the line, they build trust with that company. Trust leads to lasting relationships, repeat business, and referrals.

The convenience of click-to-call means more phone traffic for your business, and that’s great news if there’s a friendly voice on your end of the line. Reap the benefits of the business call renaissance by reviewing and investing in your caller experience. If you’re looking for customer service expertise, Ruby Receptionists® has your back. We’re here to ensure your every business day call is answered by a live, friendly person who cares about the welfare of your company and delights in creating powerfully positive experiences for each caller.

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