What is multichannel marketing and why do I need it?

Most companies, whether they realize it or not, are using multichannel marketing at some level of their business.

If you have a Website, a brick-and-mortar shop, send out regular flyers, and maintain a Facebook page—you’re headed in the right direction. Each element of your marketing strategy is helping you find and connect with your customers.

If you truly want to get to know your customers—and define your target audience—multichannel marketing is the strategy for you. Creating a comprehensive plan that integrates a variety of platforms puts you where your customers are spending their time. It gives you the choice to break down your targeting even more, while letting your customers choose when and how they want to interact with you.

It’s is all about choice.

Multichannel Marketing: What It’s All About

Multichannel marketing is a tool used by companies to both, directly and indirectly, interact with customers, with the end goal of boosting sales.

It combines traditional strategies with new technology to empower companies to reach their customers at every touchpoint.

  • Direct marketing—outbound or push marketing—is when you proactively promote your product or services. Everything from coupons and catalogs, to television, radio, and print ads, fall under direct marketing.
  • Indirect marketing—inbound or pull marketing—uses less obvious tactics to raise brand awareness. It attracts prospective customers in a way that’s more personal, less sales-driven, and, hopefully, memorable. Indirect marketing includes everything from your company’s blog, social media presence, and newsletters, to SEO and new technologies like virtual reality.

Direct + Indirect = Multichannel Marketing

Multichannel marketing mixes all these elements together, so customers have the power to choose the way they interact with your brand.

By integrating multichannel marketing into your business model, you’re able to delight your customers in more ways, improve your relationships with them, and avoid exhausting or annoying them.

Why Multichannel Marketing Helps You Grow

Think about your average morning.

You might pull out your smartphone when you wake up, scroll through Facebook, Twitter, or your e-mail inbox. Perhaps you turn on the morning news while making your breakfast. Or maybe you flip on the radio or a podcast in the car for your morning drive. And if you’re waiting for an appointment, you might pull out a magazine.

As you go through your daily life, you’re almost constantly exposed to media, even when you’re not aware of it. In fact, you’re being exposed to indirect marketing right now, from your computer or mobile phone—indirect marketing is often fun and interesting! It isn’t advertising at all, so it doesn’t feel like marketing.

Top two reasons companies use multichannel marketing

  • You reach your customers through multiple avenues. Think of a coffee company that has TV advertising, ads in the newspaper, and a Facebook ad that you scroll by on your way to work in the morning? Thirsty yet? Your exposure to this coffee company has now tripled, thanks to multichannel marketing.
  • When you focus all your marketing on one channel, you risk missing out on much of your target audience. If all of that coffee shop’s advertising is on Facebook, they’re missing everybody who doesn’t spend time on Facebook. They’re even missing Facebook users who aren’t online when the ad is running, or the post was posted.

Are You Investing in Strategic Multichannel Marketing?

Multichannel marketing campaigns are more thorough and user-friendly than those that are focused on a single avenue. They allow you to build on a theme across channels, create integrated but unique components for different platforms, and truly discover what users on each platform prefer. And the longer you use these strategies, the higher your engagement, and success.

Your target audience members are being exposed to marketing campaigns every day; multichannel marketing is the tool you can use to make sure they’re being exposed to your campaigns, not your competition’s!

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Gabe Arnold


Gabe Arnold is the founder of Copywriter Today where you can get unlimited fresh content for all your marketing needs. If you want 250 free headline ideas for your next marketing campaign, use their free tool here.

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