Why Ruby Doesn’t Have a Client Services Department

You may be thinking, “Of course Ruby does! How can a company so dedicated to customer service not have a department focused on its customers?” Well, it’s true — Ruby doesn’t have a Client Services Department. We have a Client Happiness Department!

Ruby Client Happiness Department
The Ruby Client Happiness Department (From top left: Eve, Kendra, Madi, Tiffany, Christina, Jennifer, Patti, Jill, Macie, Jenny, Stephanie, Rachel, and Casey)

The Client Happiness Department is named after what everyone here at Ruby aspires to: not only helping our clients, but going above and beyond to fulfill their unexpressed needs. As Kendra Neal, Director of Client Happiness, puts it, “To me, Client Happiness means not only having clients who are satisfied, but who are thrilled with us.  It means we genuinely care about every single client who reaches out to us, and we take the extra step (or two, or three) to make sure they feel cared for and confident in Ruby’s skills.”

Here are some ways we travel the extra mile to deliver exceptional customer happiness.

  • Follow-up Calls. When clients ask questions or request an adjustment to their call handling, we always follow the conversation with an email thanking them for calling and explaining what actions we’ve taken. Not only that, if we’ve made significant changes to their account, we’ll follow up in a few weeks’ time to see if they’re happy with the changes. We adore feedback, and if something can be improved upon, we’ll keep working at it!
  • Chatting with Phone Providers. Call forwarding? Market expansion lines? DIDs? Telephony isn’t a branch of technology all of our clients are familiar with, and we certainly understand why! While it can be confusing for some, members of Client Happiness are regular telephony geeks. We simply adjust our glasses and dig in! We are always here to answer questions about forwarding and will even play translator by jumping on conference calls with providers.
  • Notecards. The Client Happiness team is always on the lookout to make a connection with a client. We are warm and friendly, and love it when clients open up to us. Sending a notecard to express congratulations, well wishes, or sympathies is a great way to cultivate happiness in our clients and show them we really do care for them on a human level.

While Ruby doesn’t have a Client Services Department, it does have a team dedicated to fostering happiness. If you are a current client, please feel welcome to reach out to us. We are here for you!

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