WOW story: bundles of joy.

If there’s anything we can rely on 2020 to provide, it’s a constant flow of curveballs and uncertainties. Living with such constant change can feel overwhelming, and even leave us feeling a little lost. Fortunately, it also paints a new light over little things like kind gestures and good intentions, turning them into acts of magic during trying times.

Take, for instance, someone caring enough about your interaction to follow up and fulfill a need you may not have expressed. This is precisely the kind of care that Rubys strive to give to our customers. One such customer, Greg M.  recently experienced this firsthand.

After receiving an email request for pandemic-related assistance from Greg, Ruby’s own Customer Success Manager, Hannah Hogan, leaped into action. She dialed Greg’s number to see if she could lend a hand, and when Greg answered, he mentioned being at the pediatrician with his newborn! 

Hannah offered him a quick solution to his issue and ended the call. For Hannah, however, the work wasn’t over yet.

No, this was an opportunity to take Greg’s experience up a notch with a little above-and-beyond customer care. Hannah set to writing a card for Greg, found a toy for his little one, and sent the package, signed, sealed, delivered, to Greg!  

Not long after, Hannah received the following from the customer:


Thank you so much for the thoughtful gift that you sent to me and our new baby boy.  That was very thoughtful of you. Ruby continues to impress me with how you have taken care of my business – before and during this crisis. My family is appreciative.  Thank you again for sending us some positive energy. Stay safe and be well.  Talk more soon.

-Gregory M

Hannah turned what could have just been a simple interaction into a memory. All the while, strengthening her relationship with Gregory. It’s clear that, with a little time and a lot of heart, you can make a big impact.  Be sure to look out for those unexpressed needs, you never know who you could impress!

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