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Every Connection Counts

In today’s on-demand economy, customers want quick answers, personalized service, and to be able to connect in the way they prefer. Right now, someone is looking for your service or product, and if they don’t see an easy way to connect, they’ll move on.

Why invest in customer engagement?

65% of customers want to reach a business by phone, while 42% prefer webchat over other communication channels. Failing to answer when customers come to call can lead them right into the arms of your competitors.

Missed opportunities =
lost revenue.

29% of answered calls result in a sale and businesses achieve 40% conversion rates with live chat. Missing out on these opportunities to reinforce a customer connection or win over a prospect translates into less earning potential.

But how are you supposed to run a business when you’re responding to every chat and answering every call?


That’s where we come in.

At Ruby, we provide small businesses with the services, products, and analytics they need to manage customer interactions and deliver exceptional experiences in an increasingly digital world. Our customer engagement solution authentically connects with website visitors and callers—capturing more opportunities and providing that critical human touch that builds trust in your business.  


Small business roots for big business dreams.

Once a scrappy startup ourselves, Ruby now serves more than 13,000 business owners. The same quality of service and fundamental business beliefs that have perpetuated our own growth can be heard and felt thousands of times a day with every connection we make for our customers.

Proprietary technology for personalized experiences. 

Our software empowers us to give your customers the individualized experiences they crave. We use technology to support real, meaningful connections—never replacing them. Plus, Ruby’s customer support team works with you to optimize your account—updating instructions here, adding new FAQ responses there—to ensure we provide the best possible experience for you and your customers. 

Intentional training for exceptional service. 

Your business only gets one chance to make a good first impression, and Ruby takes serving as an extension of your team seriously. We train every receptionist in empathetic listening, how to guide frustrated customers, presenting a friendly, professional tone, and so much more. 

A culture focused on the power of “WOW”!

Ruby believes in the power of going above and beyond. We create unexpected moments of joy for you and your team—with handwritten notes and surprise deliveries, and more—that swell into an outflow of happiness. We call it the Ruby Ripple Effect!

Reception Services

Anyone can answer a phone—but there’s a difference between an answering service and consistently engaging with customers on every call, 24/7.  

Capture opportunities. 
We answer 100% of calls live—24/7, 365-days a year, ensuring you never miss an opportunity to wow your next customer. 

Make an impression. 
Our award-winning receptionists greet and treat your callers as if they were talking to a member of your team, based on your customized instructions. 

Save on costs. 
We transfer calls, take messages, answer FAQs, book appointments, gather intake information, and more—extending your team at a fraction of the cost of an in house hire. 

Grow your business. 
Our highly-trained, US based receptionists turn your callers into loyal customers, while giving you the freedom to focus on your growing business.
Using Ruby on the Go

Reception Services
+ Tech to Keep You Mobile

Cloud-based technology has redefined the office and made it possible to work from anywhere. Hours are shifting, and customer interactions are expanding into the evenings and weekends. There’s a blurring of home and work that can be both empowering and overwhelming. 

Staying connected doesn’t have to mean being available 24/7, nor should it. Whether you’re repairing a sink, heading to court, or balancing personal needs, our mobile app lets you control your availability while staying on top of your communication. 

Plans & Pricing

Call Ruby 100

  • 100 Receptionist Minutes
  • $319 Monthly
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Call Ruby 200

  • 200 Receptionist Minutes
  • $599 Monthly
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Call Ruby 500

  • 500 Receptionist Minutes
  • $1399 Monthly
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“Ever since we signed up with Ruby we’ve been able to recover 10-15% of our inbound leads and over $1,600 in marketing costs per month. That’s a huge return for our investment with Ruby Receptionists and we’re just getting started!”


Chat Services

Every day, potential customers are visiting your website, seeking a solution to their problem. Websites have become the virtual front door, and website chat the equivalent of your greeter. Ruby’s chat specialists deliver the same empathetic and human service as our receptionists while also qualifying potential new customers—24/7, 365-days a year. 

Engage instantly
Ruby’s chat services connect with visitors within one minute, capturing the information you need to qualify leads and grow your business. Select the pages on which chat appears and choose to proactively engage current and potential customers with a welcome prompt.

Deliver a personalized experience.
From customized greetings and conversations to talking points propositions tailored around your business’ unique offerings and value propositions, we represent your business the way you would.

Connect live with customers.
Connect with potential customers at the moment of interest with Ruby’s connect-to-call feature that transfers chatters to your business with a warm hand off.

Plans & Pricing

Chat Ruby 20

  • Up to 20 Chats
  • $249 monthly
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Ruby Chat 30

  • Up to 30 Chats
  • $349 Monthly
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Ruby Chat 50

  • Up To 50 Chats
  • $549 Monthly
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More than 13,000 business owners trust Ruby.

For over 17 years, weve delivered highly personalized services to businesses just like yours. We are honored to manage frontline communications for customers in the legal, finance, real estate, healthcare, home services industries, and more!

Numbers don’t lie.

  • 20%+boost in new business leads.
  • 10hrs+ of distraction-free time gained back per month.
  • 10% increase in customer happiness.

As reported by a majority of respondents to Ruby’s February 2019 Customer Survey.

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Missed connections translate to lost revenue. With Ruby, you have a partner in gaining and retaining customers. Plus, we’re so confident you’ll love our service, we offer a 21 day money-back guarantee*.

*Ruby is delighted to offer a money-back guarantee to first time users of both our virtual receptionist service and our chat service. To cancel your service and obtain a full refund for the cancelled service (less any multi-service discount), please notify us of the service you wish to cancel either within 21 days of your purchase of that service or before your usage exceeds 500 receptionist minutes/50 billable chats, as applicable, whichever occurs sooner.


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